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Does riot even remember making dominion?

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I have been in and out of spamming dominion ques since it has begun, but lately have lost my desire. It seems that riot has put no thought into it since it was made, and whenever i am "fortunate" enough to compete with players sporting their new gold frames, I feel at a disadvantage by playing with a SR goldy, who feels compelled to shine their 3-1 KD in their teammates faces while *****ing about players jumping bot. Is there any hope for a ranked dominion, or perhaps a rework to the que system? waiting 3 minutes for a game in which 8 players role revive, and two are left with a thumb in their ass while ignite applies a buff already present. Maybe just rework revive so that it is not a must have to anyone who falsely believes they are fighting for something. Perhaps less money put into your god-like log in screens and Annie design would result in a much needed Dominion game buff.