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Annie and Lulu's Tea Party

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(Drabble) This is a story about how Annie and Lulu conquered a match. It all started with a harmless tea party...

A few weeks ago in Summoner's Rift, Annie and Lulu decided to have a tea party. They took out the teapot and tea cups, and Lulu made the tea. Of course, the tea was purple. Annie summoned Tibbers, and Lulu poured the enchanted bear a cup of tea. Their team started to rage at the pair, since they were not assisting them. This made Annie and Lulu frustrated, because they just wanted a cup of tea before they started laning. The two girls agreed that they would sneak over to the enemy's side and ask them if they wanted tea.

After stealthily running through bushes, Annie and Lulu reached the enemy side. They spotted one of their enemies, Tristana. The blue yordle girl was about to attack them, but Lulu convinced Tristana that they wouldn't hurt her. Annie then invited her to join them in their tea party. Tristana wasn't sure at first, but said she would join them. They set up the folding table and chairs, and camped right next to Baron Nasher. Little did the group know, they were being watched...

Teemo and Poppy observed from the shadows, watching their every move. They discussed if they should attack or not, and decided that they should ambush their tea party. Teemo mercilessly placed poison mushrooms, and poisoned Annie and the others. Poppy swung her hammer, chasing after the group. Lulu used whimsy for a quick escape, Tristana rocket jumped to safety, and Annie flashed out of the way. The three girls dashed out of danger, and reached a safe spot.

Annie proposed a plan. If they could go middle lane and destroy their turrets, they would be victorious. Tristana disagreed to this, since she was on the enemy team. The yordle betrayed Lulu and Annie and saw an opening. Tristana started attacking the pair. Lulu and Annie managed to kill Tristana, and ran to middle lane to start destroying turrets.

Annie summoned Tibbers, and Lulu increased Annie's attack. They managed to destroy two turrets before enemies started showing up. Annie and Lulu were ganked from behind, with nowhere to run. Annie unleashed her stun, stunning Teemo, and summoning Tibbers. Lulu got the kill, and double killed Poppy. Annie and Lulu proceeded to attack the inhibitor turret, and destroyed it. They then attacked the inhibitor and demolished it. The super minions started to spawn.

Their team showered them with praise, and pushed middle lane. After destroying the Nexus turrets, Tristana appeared once again. Tristana got revenge by getting a triple kill and killing everyone but Annie and Lulu. Annie once again stunned Tristana and summoned Tibbers, while Lulu assisted Annie. A little while after, Tristana was dead. The pair advanced to the Nexus, beginning to destroy it. Just before the Nexus was destroyed, Annie and Lulu yelled: "Beaten by two little girls!". The Nexus blew up, and they were victorious.

Nobody ever got angry at Annie and Lulu having a tea party in the middle of a match ever again. The end.

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i like tristana the goner ses weak and dumb she fell for s trickk!!!!!!!