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Checkmate (Or, a Field of Black and White)

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Hello everyone, my name, as you can plainly see, is CyanTortoise. I've been writing for quite a while now, but recently I've decided to test my skills by submitting a short fanfic, which I hope to continue.

Disclaimer: to make things clearer before you hop right in, this tale will be told through the viewpoints of multiple characters, ala Game of Thrones.

Here is a small sample of Chapter 1, which can be found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8969136/...lack-and-White (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8969136/1/Checkmate-Or-a-Field-of-Black-and-White)

Jericho Swain, Grand General of Noxus, regarded the chess board with tightly pursed lips. His eyes studied the formation of his opponent’s pieces, noting weaknesses, areas of exploitation, avenues of attack. He was still for several moments, the chamber quiet save for the rasping of stone on steel. After a handful of minutes had passed, Swain’s hand found the King, moving the ivory model forward a square. Satisfied with this action, Swain spoke to the hulking figure opposite him, axe in hand.

“Must you do that here?” His eyes did not leave the board. “If your goal has been to utterly destroy my concentration, then I suppose congratulations are in order.” The man across from the General merely grunted in response, reaching a hand forward in the span of mere seconds and moving his Rook into place.

“Check.” The sound continued.

Sighing in annoyance, Swain lifted his eyes from the game and stared at the black haired man before him. Although wearing a simple tunic in place of his usual plate and mail, Darius was still a giant of a man, thick cords of iron-hard muscle rippling beneath the thin fabric. His infamous axe lay across his knees, its edge catching the faint light of Swain’s lounge. Still, Darius insisted on sharpening it even here, his whetstone making slow, rhythmic motions across the blade of the great weapon. Seeming to sense his master’s gaze, the soldier’s eyes rose to meet Swain’s. Noting that the General had not yet looked away, Darius grimaced, yet placed the axe at his side all the same. Swain nodded, and returned his focus to the match. However, instead of returning to silence, Jericho instead found himself speaking, as his hand found one of his Pawns.

“Tell me, Commander, how you rose to power.” Swain had heard the official reports, but he needed Darius to understand his train of thought. He moved his piece to intercept the Rook’s current path of travel.

Darius, ever the conversationalist, merely shrugged his massive soldiers. “I killed those that were in my way. I earned my rank, and my place in Noxus.” His Bishop toppled it’s rival. “Check.”

Studying his opponent’s move, Swain smiled despite himself. “So,” he began. “Let us make this a comparison to our game here. You were, let us say, a pawn.” Swain’s finger gestured to the aforementioned piece. “Simple. Obedient. A soldier in every aspect. And yet…you were not satisfied. Why is that, I wonder?” Of course, Swain already knew the answer, but it would serve to drive his intentions home. As Darius formulated his answer, Jericho took the moment to eliminate the threatening Bishop.

A soft curse escaped Darius’s lips. Swain glanced at the man, his brow furrowed in concentration. Swain allowed a few seconds to tick away, before clearing his throat politely. Darius grunted, and said simply, “They were weak. I was strong.” He shifted uncomfortably. “Forgive me, Grand General, but is there a reason you wish to discuss my past deeds? As far as I am aware, you’ve already been briefed on my file, sir.”

He catches on quickly, Swain thought to himself. He struggled with how much he wished to reveal to the commander. Finally, after Darius had moved his Queen in to Jericho’s territory, he spoke.

“I am trying to explain to you, in as simple a way as I know how, why Noxus is failing.”