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February MCCC-Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

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Moby the White

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Question: can I do a character with the same name and roughly the same background, but not the same content, stats or kit as an older failed character?

did it get put in a prior contest?

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“Life is like a box of chocolates” --requirement-- (may also count for cupids arrow if “Temper, Temper!” Does not work as a requirement)
Passive) Demand help!
Upon death, Collera demands aid from another Champion. After 1.5 seconds, she can call out to any champion giving them a speed boost towards her. If it is an enemy this is treated as a taunt forcing them to run to Collera. This ability is canceled upon reaching Collera or after (x) seconds.

would this ability kill 2 birds with one stone? or will it have to be 2 separate ones? if so:

W) Temper, Temper!
Active: Collera Shouts at a target enemy, taunting them for x/x/x/x/x and reducing their attack damage for x/x/x/x/x. This also reduces all incoming attacks by x/x/x/x/x while Collera is shouting for 2 seconds. If the enemy is within melee range after the taunt, she slaps them for x/x/x/x/x true damage. This uses x/x/x/x/x Fury.

does this count for a Cupids arrow ability?

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Moby,,,,can you add me in-game....I dont like posting my ideas before they are okay so nobody take them....

Fellow CCFC- Gen Mad Hatter

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Moby the White

Senior Member


Moby,,,,can you add me in-game....I dont like posting my ideas before they are okay so nobody take them....

Fellow CCFC- Gen Mad Hatter


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Ariea, the lonly maiden (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=34239380#post34239380)

Here is my entry for the mccc

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Ihana, the Hopeless Romantic

Damage 47 +3/per level
Health 360 +75/per level
Mana 280 +55/per level
Move Speed 340
Armor 7 3.7/per level
MR 30
Health Regen 4.5 0.55/per level
Mana Regen 7 0.65/per level

Lore- Romantic
Growing up in Demacia, Ihana was initially a shy girl. One day while in the outskirts of the kingdom she was attacked by a wolf. As the beast came closer Ihana screamed and screamed until her white knight appeared. A young Garen came charging galliantly at the wolf and saved Ihanas' life. From then on the two were friends. As Ihana grew in age, so to did her beauty and feelings for her once savior. But by the time she had come of age to fully accept her feelings for Garen their position as friends was solidified and she feared he would never know how she felt, him even comparing their relationship to that of his and Lux's. With suitors a plenty but only one she desired she thought she would never be happy, until Garen left one day for the League of Legends. Soon after he left Ihana heard tell of Katarinas' joining the league, she knew all too well the strange relationship the two had and decided she would not stand idly by and allow Garen to be taken. After some minor training in healing magic and charms, she mustered her courage and headed to the fields of justice, hell bent on turning them into a battlefield of love and proving herself to Garen.

Passive- Loving Memory- Upon death Ihana's spirit remains granting nearby allies damage and ability power (2.5* Ihana's current level) for 7 seconds, her spirit is unable to move, use items, use spells, or attack
Range 900

Q-Heartbreak- A skill shot, Ihana blows a kiss, the first enemy hit by the kiss will be inflicted with grievous wounds for 3 seconds and slowed by 24/30/36/42/48 % of their movement speed.
Cost 40/50/60/70/80 Mana
CD 5
scaling 0.6(AP)
Range 1150
Damage 60/120/190/250/320 (magic)

W-Cupids Gift-Ihana places an invisible box of chocolates at target location that grants vision for 3 minutes, the first enemy that gets within range gets suppressed for .5/.75/1.0/1.25/1.5 seconds and is inflicted with 40/60/80/100/120 (+.5 AP) magic damage

Range 425
Cost 50/55/60/65/70 Mana
CD 15

E-Maidens Love- Ihana heals a selected ally for 80/160/240/320/400 (+.5 AP) Health and 50/100/150/200/250 (+.5 AP) Mana

Range 800
CD 20/18/15/12/10
Cost 90/120/150/180/210

R-Lost in the Moment- Ihana and an enemy champion both become invulnerable and untargetable, unable to move for 2/3/4 seconds

Cost 150
CD 90/70/50
Range 800

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This is my submission for this February MCCC, I'm excited cause this is my first time in MCCC but I'm hoping I can win it!

Shiani, The Tainted Fae

Shiani is a mage, capable of doing both mid and top lane efficiently. Shiani is the fighter kind of champion how has some survivability to make up for the lack range. In lane phase she focuses of being a lane bully, doing initiating with Q for a shred then doing a W and E combo for a ton of damage, she rewards high risks with high rewards. Although her essence may not shine early game, it's at its best late game with team fights as you can easily fill up your stacks with 2 spells,her kit rewards being the tankier and more fighter kind of mage than a normal assassin... However she is more than capable of playing assassin mode nuking with her q-e-r and use W to escape, that ofc. depends on the players preferences.. The concept is complete but I feel like it needs some fixing. But this is it. I hope I win this!
Note: I listened to this while writing it, so maybe you can listen to it while reading too? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIuotFZnBtk
Shiani was once a normal fairy living in the forests of Ashu north of Damecia , the forest was one of the popular zones where noxus mages would meet to set up plans for assaulting the damecians, the fairies would do their best to fend them off until the damecians arrive to clean them up. Shiani was a powerful fairy who possessed a considerable amount of spells under her sleeve, she'd prefer if she moves alone as to not hurt any other fairies in the process. At one time while she was scouting the forest she heard the voice of an old man calling for a spirit, Shiani took cover behind a tree while preparing a spell, her wings started illuminating and in moments she got out of cover and released an extremely powerful wave of energy from the wind using her wings.

The old man was a noxian mage who wore a pitch black robe and hood, the grey color of the beard was rather significant. He looked around, smirked and the wave was ineffective, Shiani froze in shock, after a short pause she started to make her way to escape, the mage then turned and started talking, it seems like he was talking to the spirit he called earlier, ordering it to chase down the fairy and slay it. The mysterious spirit then went on the hunt and quickly caught up with her. He held her and put her down to the ground as she tried to resist. The spirit had a human figure but was surrounded by dark mists, his eyes glowed in a greenish color as he looked down at Shiani's innocent face when he was about to end her. He let her go. Shiani was confused, but terrified enough to continue flying away. After a while she stopped, she was actually thinking of going back to the spirit and that she did. A part of her knew that she was wasting her time, he probably just left, but he didn't, he was sitting laying his back on the tree, looking down. Shiani started approaching him slowly, he looked up and asked her why didn't she continue running. Shiani was mixed with emotion , confusion, anxiousness, fear but she had to know. "Why?" she asked in a breaking voice. The spirit rose up and looked her in the eye. When Shianis eyes crossed his, she started feeling strange, could she have fallen for a dark spirit? They proceeded to talk for a while, Shiani wanted to know about this spirit. He told her his name is Sven, he was also a noxus mage who was killed by his master -the old man- not so long ago, he said that he claimed his spirit and controlled it. Apparently Sven was trying to confront him about attacking innocent civilians, something his master didn't appreciate. He also told her that while chasing her, something from her started breaking his control, and when he looked her in the eye, he was free.... Shiani finally was able to sort her feelings out and after their talk, she started falling for him, and him for her... She went back to her village but they still met everyday after dark.

One day Shiani said that they didn't need this to be a secret if he would join her and meet the village elder fairy as Garen & Prince Jarvan were arriving the next day to sort out strategies. Sven pulled away for a moment, but then he agreed. The next day, Shiani woke up to find Sven in her tree place , "Have I ever mentioned how beautiful you are when you sleep", Shiani lit up, but she pulled herself together and prepared Sven to meet the elder and the damecians. As they both were flying through the forests the fairies stared at them. When they arrived the fairy guards yelled at what Shiani has brought before the elder, Shiani pleaded them to let him in , they say that she's lucky they don't cut her down where she is for bringing a dark spirit. The elder then stepped outside and asked the guards to appreciate what Shiani has did for the forest, and asked Shiani of the spirit. Shiani explained that he seeked redemption for his past crimes and she wished that he'd join her in the forest, the elder said that the consequences of keeping a dark spirit were to severe, for all she knows he can betray them. Shiani was furious and tried to argue with the elder, but Sven held her back, knowing he must face the inevitable. The elder was surprised that Sven was so accepting, but she had to do what she had to do and called for the guards to sentence him to execution. Shiani screamed out "NO!" and let out a powerful blast that killed the elder herself and destroyed the tree they were in, Sven looked into her suprised, but Shiani held his hand and asked him to run away with him, still in shock but he still nodded in approval. After a long time of flying, Shiani started breaking down, she killed her own elder. Sven tried to comfort her, he told her that he will never forget the sacrifice, and when the time comes he will not hesitate to do the same. As Shiani started calming down they started hearing noises of a portal opening, when they looked around they spotted an open portal that was letting out dark energies, through it came the old noxious mage, laughing at how the spirit and the fairy feel of eachother, he said that he'd end it and starting aiming an energy bolt at Shiani, and as the bolt was flying through the air Sven pushed Shiani out of the way and absorbed the bolts energy, but it was the power was too overwhelming, Sven bursted and disappeared. Shiani broke down yet again but this time she channeled herself and charged at the mage. He held her , said that she had so much power, he then pushed her down and made her a deal. He will supply her with dark powers and will be able to resummon her lover , in return that she steals essences from the villagers of a nearby settlement. Blinded by rage and grief she accepted his offer. She started to change, her skin started getting paler, her wings started becoming black , her clothes started to wither, the light of nature was gone.

Shiani has become tainted. Heeding his orders , she traveled to the village, and as you would suspect she teared through the innocents, holding them, then absorbing their life essence. Using her dark powers she dashed from one house to the other, till she stumbled on a crib and a baby crying. She looked down and then it all returned to her, the memories of who she once was, the memory of the elder and Sven. She immediately rushed back to the forest and hunted down the mage. He never knew that he created something so powerful that it can suck out his own life-force , and he foolishly started to confront her ending in his death.Wandering aimlessly , she knew she can't go back to the forest like this, in-fact she can't go anywhere. She took shelter on a Mountain close to the forest, living in grief and sorrow when Anivia found her. She guided her to the League, perhaps there is where she can both be accepted and can attempt to redeem herself.

However when Prince Jarvan & Garen returned to the field of justice, they ordered the execution of Shiani for murdering innocent civilians. Fortunately after accompanying her for many days, Lux interfered saying that she has a solution. The people Shiani has killed have not yet passed to the great beyond, instead they are trapped in the Shadow Isle. By using the essence Shiani has, she can return all of the dead back to life but that will lead to the death of Shiani in the process. Shiani didn't fear death or what follows it. According to Lux Shiani herself will be trapped in the Shadow Isle, but Shiani still agreed. Before starting the ritual Lux told her that once she dies, she will be able to unbound her from the Shadow Isle & can return to fight in the fields of justice. The ritual was a success, Shiani found herself in the midst of the Shadow Isle when it occurred to her, that maybe her lost love can still be there. Her search was in vain as she reached the end of the Isle, that's when a mysterious figure appeared. The figure told her that the person she is looking for left not so long ago, either to the land of the living, or to the after life. Shiani also had the option to choose between either of them, naturally it would be assumed that Sven left for the after life. But she believed that if he loved her and kept his promise, that he would get out to the living and help them. That is the path Shiani chose. She returned to the fields of justice to protect the ones she once killed and hopefully finding her lost love.

"Some days I just tell myself that it's a dream , that I'd wake up and meet Sven under the moonlight like we used to... But it isn't" - Shiani

I hope you enjoyed

Innate: Unfinished Essence : Shiani gains 1 life essence whenever her spells deal damage to enemy champions. These essences empower her spells and grant her a passive 2% spell vamp per stack. Shiani can store up to 5/10/15 (1-6-11) life essences.Each essnece lasts for 20 seconds.
(Activates even if Shiani has no essence)
When Shiani is slain, she transfers her remaining essence to the nearest ally granting them a buff that causes their next 3 non periodic attacks to deal 30-160 (+2 per essence) true damage per strike. If no allies are present nearby Shiani will morph into a small untargetable spirit that does one attack per second doing the same amount of magic damage. Effect lasts for 6 seconds in either scenarios.
Note: The spirit will have just as much status as shiani.

Q- Umbra Slice: Shiani lets out a dark wave using her wings dealing 60/110/160/210/260 (+0.6 AP) magic damage to enemies in a cone and reducing their armor and magic resist by 8/12/16/20/24% for 3 seconds.
Essence effect: Reduces the cooldown of Umbra Slice by 0.1 seconds per essence.
Manacost: 60/65/70/75/80
Range: 550 - Width: Similar to Riven's wind slash
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds

W- Tainted Essence: Shiani conjures a well of essence in an area for 3 seconds. WHEN THE ENEMY(IES) IS IN IT'S RADIUS it forces him(them) to run towards it with 50% decreased movement speed, when the first enemy reaches the well or duration ends, Shiani absorbs the essences of the enemies surrounding the well dealing 85/135/185/235/285 (+0.8 AP) magic damage in the area and grants her 5/10/15/20/25% damage reduction for 3 seconds.
Essence effect: Tainted essence does not gain bonuses from essence, however it generates twice as much essence.
Manacost: 100/110/120/130/140
Range from center: 650 - Diameter of well: 75 - Diameter of AOE: 375
Cooldown: 12 seconds

E- Metaphase: Passive: Shiani ignores unit collision.
Active: Shiani dashes forward releasing a wave of dark energies that affects nearby enemies deals 15/25/35/45/55 (+0.3 AP) magic damage per second for 3 seconds and slows by 25% for the duration. In addition, Shiani gains 25% movement speed for the same duration.
Essence effect: The dark wave does an intial damage of 2.5/5/7.5/10/12.5 per essence.
Manacost: 50/55/60/65/70
Range of damage and slow: 400 - Range of Dark Dash: 300
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 seconds
NOTE: Incase you guys don't get it, shiani gains an essence per tick of her dot & from the intial damage she can do.

R- Twisted Love- To display to the summoners her story , Shiani casts down an illusional field and hovers over it. It affects up to 2 champions (prioritizing the ones closest to her) both champions and Shiani become untargetable for 1.5 seconds where both champions will feel affection towards each other as Shiani felt for Sven, but at the end of the duration the illusion breaks, dealing 200/300/400 (+0.7 AP) magic damage to the enemy(ies) and slows them for 30% for 2.5 seconds . If only 1 champion is caught in the area Shiani will create an illusion of herself inside and she is not dealt any damage through the process. If no champion is caught, this spell fizzles and goes on cooldown.
Essence effect: Magic damage done when the illusion breaks is increased by 15 per essence.
Manacost: 150/200/250
Range : 300 - Diameter: 450
Cooldown: 140/110/80 seconds


Base stats are the ones you start with at level 1

Health: 500 (+72 per level)
Mana: 280 (+47 per level)
Health Reg. per 5: 4.6 (+0.5 per level)
Mana Reg. per 5: 6.9 (+0.6 per level)
Attack Damage: 55 (+2.7 per level)
Attack Speed: 0.625 (+1.37% per level)
Attack Range: 475
Movement Speed: 340
Armor: 16 (+3.5 per level)
Magic Resist: 30 (+0 per level)


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Caoin, Bride of the Lake
(Separate thread (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=34284879#post34284879))


Among Demacian nobility, strategic marriages between noble familities are common and passion rarely enters the equation. When most of a nobleman's time is devoted to this or that shipping company or military campaign, there is no time for passion anyway.

But Caoin Suncrown wanted nothing of it. As a teenage girl, she regularly eluded her caretakers and escaped her golden cage to visit the farm or workshop of a village boy who had caught her eye. They usually managed to evade the guards for a couple of days and play together in the fields and along the shores of the sunlit river before she was caught and returned to her parents to be locked up again with her piano, etiquette teacher and history books.

As much as her teachers berated her afterwards, she did not care because she knew they felt no concern for her and were merely being paid by her parents to mold her into an upper class gentlewoman. She hoped one day her parents would leave their luxurious dining rooms or disembark from their mahony carriage and berate her themselves, but that day never came. They were landowners, buying up fertile grounds and renting them to farmers in exchange for a share of the crop. They had no time for such petty distractions as their own daughter.

Shortly before her eighteenth birthday, everything changed. During one of her flights into the outside world, she ran into a young farmer pulling a heavy cart laden with firewood and offered to help. It was love at first sight. She stayed at his farm for several days, plucking flowers together, failing at preparing a roast turkey and having the time of her life. On the evening of the third day, she noticed the guards approaching and mournfully parted ways, swearing she would return for him. He promised to see her again in three days.

To her horror, her parents had an important announcement to make: in three days she was to be married to the heir of the Cornwreath estate, a young man she had never heard of. The Cornwreaths were also landowners, infamous for squeezing every last piece of gold out of their farmers under threat of eviction. While her parents rattled off the market share percentages and annual income by administrative region, all she could think of was the young farmer, who she would probably never see again. Preparations were scheduled to start the next day.

That night she snuck out one last time, for once not with love and joy in her heart. The Cornwreaths travelled by boat: a gleaming vessel shaped like a swan with a gilded crest on the prow. The boat was only a few hours away, moored for the night near a village at the other end of the great lake. It had no lifeboats. She tied her horse to a tree outside the village, snuck across the docks like a thief and carefully removed a plank from the hull. Basic math skills are a prerequisite for the future wife of a landowner: it would go down when the Cornwreaths were halfway across the lake and its treacherous undercurrents. With some luck, she would be able to disappear in the chaos, run away with the farmer boy and never return to Demacia. The deed done, she rode back to the castle at the speed of a crow demon of vengeance and made it back while the moon was still high in the sky.

Her three handmaidens woke her up at sunrise, helped her into her ornate bridal gown and led her through the cold morning fog to the shore where they would welcome the Cornwreaths. They were late, to everyone's surprise but her. After what seemed like an eternity, the uncomfortable silence was shattered by an emergency horn echoing in the distance, though much closer than she had expected. She had miscalculated: they would almost make it to the shore before going down into the depths where they belonged. Perhaps she could even see them drown. A black shape appeared in the fog, tilting precariously. The handmaidens looked frantically for a way to help, but her family owned no boats and there was nothing anyone could do. She smirked as the boat capsized.

Sound travels far through the fog, which is why she heard the chilling cry: "Caoin!". It was the farmer boy.

Before anyone could stop her, she was in the water, swimming for his life. Somehow she made it to the ship despite the layers of fabric she was wearing. The boy was clinging to the side of the hull, soaking wet but alive. Next to him was his father, fat with profit and heavy clothing, face down in the water. Ignoring the dead, she grasped the boy's hand and asked one question: "why the farm?". He looked surprised, but quickly explained that he never intended to spend the rest of his life with market share percentages and annual income by administrative region. He preferred the simple life of a farmer and intended to run away with her after the marriage and never return to Demacia again.

She managed a kiss before her bridal gown, heavy with water and mud, dragged her under. He never let go of her.

The next day, the fate that had befallen the two families was front page news. The entire Cornwreath family had perished, along with Caoin Suncrown and her three handmaidens, who had bravely jumped in after her in a vain attempt to rescue her. The Cornwreath dominion unravelled; in accordance with Demacian law, its farmlands were distributed to the farmers who lived on them. Caoin's parents, now alone in their castle with only a handful of servants, ran their business into the ground and were found drowned in what was assumed to be a fishing accident.

The events of that dreadful day would have been but a memory if not for the ghosts of Caoin and her boy Rennic who appear once a year singing a keening song to each other at opposite ends of the lake while her ghostly handmaidens attack people and animals along the shore. And today only Rennic remains: a group of Demacian summoners appeared and, according to witnesses, promised to reunite her and her lover in exchange for a few years of servitude for her and the handmaidens of the lake...

(If I lose points again because English is not my native language, I quit)


Caoin is a banshee wearing a Victorian bridal gown with hat and veil. She carries a black umbrella in one hand and a red rose in the other. As a ghost, she is semitransparent, revealing her glowing red heart in her chest, which flares up when she uses abilities.

1350 RP - Pentakill Caoin, the female vocalist of the world famous band. Comes with her own voice set and metal background music.


Health: 410 (+85) = 495 to 1940
Health: Regen: 4.70 (+0.65) = 5.35 to 16.40

Attack: Bonewraith (slow moving)
Attack: Damage: 51.5 (+2.7) = 54.2 to 100.1
Attack: Speed: 0.625 (+2.1%) = 0.638 to 0.861
Attack: Range: 525

Armor: 14 (+3.5) = 17.5 to 77
Magic resistance: 30

Movement speed: 335


Caoin's three non-ultimate abilities summon the ghosts of her handmaidens: Lorena, Mary and Ophelia. Investing a point into a non-ultimate ability causes the corresponding ghost to appear at her location. When destroyed, it reappears after a certain delay.

The ghosts have no AI, but will move back to Caoin when their leash range is exceeded. Each ghost can be controlled manually: hold down the ability button and right click to give it a move or attack order, or hold down the ability button and left click to make the ghost cast its own unique spell. Each ghost has a mana bar, displayed under its health bar (Caoin herself does not have mana). The range circle of a spell is centred on the ghost.

Base ghost DPS: 15 (+1.5 per character level) = 16.5 to 42.0 (+0.2 AP)
Base ghost health: 90 (+30 per character level) = 120 to 630 (+0.5 bonus health)
Base ghost movement speed: 305 (+8 per character level) = 313 to 449
Base ghost mana: 230 (+30 per character level) = 260 to 770 (+1.0 bonus mana)
Base ghost mana regen: 6.5 (+0.5 per character level) = 7.0 to 13.5 (+1.0 bonus mana regen)
Base ghost armor: 28 (+2 per character level) = 30 to 64
Base ghost magic resistance: 30
Ghosts take 30% reduced damage from AoE abilities
When destroyed, ghosts respawn after 31 (-1 per character level) = 30 to 12 seconds regardless of CDR
Leash range: 1000

Passive: Undying Love
"Love transcends death"
After death, Caoin can press her [R] button while hovering over a nearby allied champion or handmaiden to summon a black arrow that pierces the target's heart. This grants the target a weak shield. If the shield is not broken before it runs out, Caoin comes back to life at the location of the target. Press any ability button again to cancel the spell.

While she is dead, Caoin can still control her ghosts. When destroyed, they do not respawn until Caoin herself is revived.

Shield: Strength: 80 (+20 per character level) = 100 to 440
Shield: Duration: 4 seconds
Shield: Revives caster with 20% health
Window of opportunity after death: 2 seconds
Cast range: 700

[Q] Summon Lorena
"Lorena was not just a handmaiden but also entertained her by singing and playing the lute"
The ghost of Lorena wears a gown decorated with the bones of the drowned dead. She has a powerful ranged attack, spitting insects that deal physical damage and additional damage over time.

Unique spell: Dirge
Skillshot - Lorena unleashes a baleful scream in a straight line. Enemies hit by the soundwave take damage and are feared, running directly away from Lorena for a short time.

Lorena: Ghost DPS: 125% (+150% over 5 seconds, does not stack with itself)
Lorena: Ghost health: 100%
Lorena: Ghost movement speed: 100%
Lorena: Range: 500
Dirge: Travel range: 600
Dirge: Magic damage: 60/100/140/180/220 (+0.6 AP)
Dirge: Fear: Slow: 50%
Dirge: Fear: Duration: 1.0/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 seconds
Dirge: Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
Dirge: Mana cost: 60/65/70/75/80

[W] Summon Mary
"Caoin's nanny when she was a young girl, Mary never left her side"
Mary wears a simple gown and ornate hat and has long gray hair. There is a crow sitting on her shoulder. She attacks by sending out the crow at her enemies, dealing moderate damage at short range.

Unique spell: Haunt
Enemy champion - The target champion is beset by a small raincloud that follows it around, accompanied by the creepy sound of an off key music box. Press the button again to command Mary to dash to the haunted target on a bolt of lightning, dealing damage and a slow based on time elapsed since the spell was cast. Enemies in the path of her dash take the same damage and slow.
Allied champion - Mary dashes to the target champion and dissipates, forming a shield around the target. This shield absorbs incoming damage into Mary's own health, destroying her if the shield is broken. Press the button again to cancel the spell.

Mary: Ghost DPS: 100%
Mary: Ghost health: 125%
Mary: Ghost movement speed: 100%
Mary: Range: 400
Enemy Haunt: Cast range: 450
Enemy Haunt: Duration: Up to 5 seconds
Enemy Haunt: Magic damage: 40/70/100/130/160 (+0.4 AP) (+15% per second before activation)
Enemy Haunt: Slow: 30/35/40/45/50%
Enemy Haunt: Slow duration: 1.5 seconds (+15% per second before activation)
Allied Haunt: Duration: Up to 3.5 seconds
Both: Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10
Both: Mana cost: 50/55/60/65/70

[E] Summon Ophelia
"Ophelia was an expert tailor, but she was always a bit odd. It is said she talked with fairies"
The ghost of Ophelia wears a shredded gown with long ribbons trailing behind her and carries a distaff. She is fragile and has a weak melee attack, but she has the most powerful spell of the three handmaidens.

Unique spell: Drowning Doom
No target/Channelled - Ophelia sings and channels, creating a whirlpool of black water around her. Enemies in range are rooted and slowly pulled in, taking damage per second, but can still attack and use abilities. Like any channelled ability, a stun or silence that hits Ophelia (but not Caoin) will stop it. Afterwards, the affected enemies are slowed for a short time.

Ophelia: Ghost DPS: 75%
Ophelia: Ghost health: 100%
Ophelia: Ghost movement speed: 90%
Ophelia: Range: Melee
Drowning Doom: Radius: 700
Drowning Doom: Magic damage: 40/60/80/100/120 per second (+0.3 AP)
Drowning Doom: Duration: 1.5 seconds
Drowning Doom: Pull speed: 50
Drowning Doom: Lingering slow: 40%
Drowning Doom: Lingering slow: Duration: 1 second
Drowning Doom: Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 seconds
Drowning Doom: Mana cost: 80/85/90/95/100

[R] Weeping Heavens
"Beauty slept and angels wept..."
Aura - Caoin sings a haunting song, causing rain to fall around her. Allied champions and ghosts within range (including herself) take greatly reduced damage from all sources.

Aura: Damage reduced by 30/35/40%
Aura: Duration: 8 seconds
Aura: Radius: 1250
Cooldown: 60/50/40 seconds

* This is not a "throwaway skill". It gives her something to do while microing her ghosts.


Support, jungler, AP carry.


Recommended items
Ionian Boots
Shurelya's Reverie
Ruby Sightstone
Banner of Command
Shard of True Ice
Runic Bulwark

Caoin has odd build needs. She benefits from AP, health and CDR, but additionally she wants to build aura items that affect her ghosts, making them stronger and more dangerous.

At low levels her ghosts are fragile and should be kept close to her unless she needs them to use a spell. They rapidly grow stronger, though, and by level 6 she can sit back and send in her ghosts to harrass and possibly gang up on an opponent.

Caoin is vulnerable to getting poked. While she can remain completely out of range, her ghosts have short attack and cast ranges and may get taken down before they reach their target. When going for a kill, Mary should be sent in first in order to apply Haunt and slow the enemy, buying time for the slow moving Ophelia to get into Drowning Doom range. This in turn allows Lorena to get behind the enemy and fear them back towards Caoin. This is a fairly telegraphed attack though and the target can escape during the Haunt buildup or by interrupting the Drowning Doom channel.

With some items, Caoin's ghosts should be fairly tanky. Their respawn cooldown is short enough to use them as scouts and cannon fodder as well. Their damage does start to lag behind if Caoin is not building heavy AP (an enemy getting hit by all three ghosts takes 136 (+0.6 AP) DPS, improved by 15% with Banner of Command), but their utility remains strong. Lorena's Dirge is used to break up the enemy formation and buy time for Ophelia to get into the middle of the enemy team and cast Drowning Doom, rooting them and pulling them together.

Weeping Heavens is a risky ability because it makes her an attention magnet, but it does protect her at the same time and death is not a real problem for her because her passive gives her a second chance at life and she can continue to micro her ghosts while dead.

Meeting the requirements

Violets are blue
As blue as the surface of the lake.

Life is like a box of chocolates
Her passive shields an ally after she dies.
She retains control over her minions after death, enabling her to have Mary cast Haunt on an allied champion.

Cupid's arrow
Her passive enables another champion to carry her dead body to safety, and also looks like a (black) arrow to the heart.


"Promise me you will take care of me. I don't want to die again..."

"My love cannot wait"
"Unending sadness"
"There is no beauty anymore"
"My wounds will never heal"
"Begin the procession"
"The black bell tolls"
"No one escapes the lake"

"Drag them under"
"Torment of my lost love"
"Oblivion embrace you"
"Bleed like my heart"
"I'll weep for you"
"Suffer with me"
"Feel the undertow"

Cast Undying Love
"Undying love"
"Cold comfort"
"Shallow be my grave"
"Until death do us part"

Cast Drowning Doom
"Drown in bitter tears"
"The depths of despair"
"The abyss awaits you"
"Into the maelstrom"
"That sinking feeling"

"I will drink of your tears"
"I have seen your future. I wish I hadn't"

"There is no hope anymore. You should surrender now"
"My full name is Caoin Ravenraven Tearblackdoomsuffering. Call me Caoin"

Quotes (Pentakill skin)

"Where is the next show?"
"Shatter the silence!"
"By all demons!"
"I can't hear you!"
"Deafening rapture!"
"Louder! Louder!"

"Shred them"
"Melt their faces!"
"Taste death metal!"
"Hear my dirge!"
"Star power!"
"Eleven is not enough!"
"All scream for Pentakill"

Cast Undying Love
"Metal never dies!"

Cast Drowning Doom (Ophelia produces a guitar and plays a thundering solo)
"Drowning doom!"
"Mosh pit!"
"Rock out!"

(Crowd cheers) "We want more! We want more!"

"Always pick according to the METAL!"

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“Life is like a box of chocolates” --requirement-- (may also count for cupids arrow if “Temper, Temper!” Does not work as a requirement)
Passive) Demand help!
Upon death, Collera demands aid from another Champion. After 1.5 seconds, she can call out to any champion giving them a speed boost towards her. If it is an enemy this is treated as a taunt forcing them to run to Collera. This ability is canceled upon reaching Collera or after (x) seconds.

would this ability kill 2 birds with one stone? or will it have to be 2 separate ones? if so:

W) Temper, Temper!
Active: Collera Shouts at a target enemy, taunting them for x/x/x/x/x and reducing their attack damage for x/x/x/x/x. This also reduces all incoming attacks by x/x/x/x/x while Collera is shouting for 2 seconds. If the enemy is within melee range after the taunt, she slaps them for x/x/x/x/x true damage. This uses x/x/x/x/x Fury.

does this count for a Cupids arrow ability?

Errrrrrrrr shouting at someone isnt really romantic.... THATS MY OPINION THOUGH, only an official can tell you I guess

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Last contest was lots of fun, and there was so many great concepts. Its really interesting to watch different people solve the challenges in different ways, anyways enough said - here is my February entry:

Pris, the Ever-Enamored Robot

Who can remember where that name came from?


Gender - Female
Race - Hex-robotic
Origin - Blitzcranks shop
Alliance - None
Class - Support
Subclass - Ranged
Weapon - Holographic electro shocks
Attack Type - Ranged
Energy Source - Mana

Imagine Blitz made a robot shaped by his unconscious desires.


Pris is a dedicated support champion who really excels at amplifying the impact of her teams most valuable assets. Her supporting starts with bonding to a particular champion then using her various abilities to compliment their play. Her passive and her push back give her great reactionary disables. Pris is a great counter pick to active supports like blitz, taric and leona. However unlike sona or soraka, she has a terrifying ability to deal damage late game. Story wise, Pris was created by Blitzcrank in an experiment related to his dating service. However, her unceasing need to love coupled with her inability to comprehend its true meaning made her to dangerous for the world at large.

Says what it says.

Quick Ability Overview

Passive - Silences enemies who come to close.

Q - Single target ability that slows enemy and while making them less vulnerable to Pris, makes them more vulnerable to her teammates.

W - An Aoe knock back, that can stun targets knocked into other enemies.

E - Bonds Pris to her target, buffing their stats and mitigating some of the damage they take.
Passively; if a bond is active long enough, Pris can sacrifice herself to save bonded ally.

R - Pris assumes the physical appearance of a bonded ally, confusing enemies, and for a short time attacking with allies stats.


Passive - Beautiful Countenance - Pris' holographic face reflects according to the desires of those observing her. Glancing at her face even briefly is so mystifying that even the most cold hearted are rendered momentarily speechless. Targets who enter 600 range are silenced for 2 seconds This effect can only occur once on the same target every 12 seconds, and each consecutive champion effected during this time has the effect diminished by 0.5 seconds.

This is useful at all stages, great in lane for keeping pokers and gankers from casting when they come for you. Powerful in team fights as a slight disable against diving tanks, assassins and bruisers. The silence duration is shortened for each enemy consecutively affected so it does not shut a team right down. This spell is deceptively active for a passive passive.

Q - To be? -

Enemy cast - Pris uses her imperfect love capacitor, shocking the victim while causing Pris to fall in love with the target. Pris throws a bolt of empathetic energy at the target dealing 60/110/160/210/260 (+ 0.7 ap) magic damage and slowing them by 30% for 4 seconds. Additionally, being momentarily in love, Pris deals 30/25/20/15/10% less damage to the target - however, using this new innate knowledge any ally bonded with Cyber/neural Link will deal 10/13/16/19/22% additional damage to the target throughout the duration.

-Type - Single target ability
-Buff/Debuff Type - Slow + damage modifier
-Duration - 4 Seconds
-Range - 650
-AoE - N/A
-Cost - 70/75/80/85/90 mana
-Cooldown - 12 Seconds
-Target Type - Enemy champions and minions, Neutral monsters.

This lets you really buff your carry. Also lets you focus your build on your items while still being able to deal damage in lane by transferring the damage to the carry.

W - Or not to be? - Whether rejecting unwanted suitors or protecting prospective ones Pris can be forceful. Pris unleashes a blast of energy in a cone in front of her, knocking back all enemies inside while dealing 35/65/95/125/155 (+0.35 ap) magic damage, this damage is doubled if the targets suffer any collisions from champions, minions or terrain. Additionally, any enemy knocked into other enemies leaves them both (all) stunned for 1 second.

-Type - Conic Aoe effect
-Buff/Debuff Type - Knock back
-Duration - Momentarily stunned during displacement, then up to 1 second if they collide with other enemies.
-Range - 550 (like a skill shot Alistar headbutt, but is Aoe , does not have a gap closer, and moves people to the end of the Aoe, which could be the whole distance or just a tiny bit)
-AoE - Cone = Cho gath scream
-Cost - 110 mana
-Cooldown - 15/14/13/12/11 seconds
-Target Type - Enemy champions and minions, neutral monsters

This is a signature support move. Really lets you actively defend your carry by pushing away enemies. Also very threatening to poorly positioned enemies as you can knock them together or get behind and push them out of position.

E - Cyber/Neural Link - Pris was designed to create a feed back loop between her and her partner, benefiting both of them regardless of distance (after casting). Cast on ally champion to buff them with Cyber/neural Link enabling the following (lasts until death of Pris or ally, or cast on different ally). Pris shares a sense of well being when bonded, granting both her and target ally additional Hp regen equal to 30/40/50/60/70% of the others current Hp regen. Additionally, as long as the linked champion is within 700 range the bond is strengthened, allowing Pris to share her partners pain - 8% of the damage taken by a champion with Cyber/neural Link is instead dealt to Pris.

Reactivate to give the ally currently effected by Cyber/neural Link 10/12/14/16/18% bonus movement speed for 3 seconds.

Passive - If Pris has been in a bond long enough, she is prepared to sacrifice for her love. If a Cyber/neural Link has been unbroken for 240/220/200/180/160 seconds, and the target ally dies, Pris can walk over their body within 2/3/4/5/6 seconds allowing them to inhabit her robot body in a state transformed to their likeness, bringing them back to life with Pris' current health percentage, however with her body gone Pris dies in their place.

-Type - Single Target Duration ability
-Buff/Debuff Type - Cyber/neural Link (Buffed ally champion has a slight but noticable bluish electric aura, as does Pris when this ability is active)
-Duration - Lasts until death of either linked champion, or recast on new ally
-Range - 700
-AoE - N/A
-Cost - 100 Mana
-Cooldown - 16 Seconds
-Target Type - Ally champion

Super support mode. She has no heal but this gives you both increased regen. Slight amount of damage share takes some pressure off your carry. Also has a mana expensive speed boost for brief chasing or escaping. If its active for a long period of time she can revive that ally by sacrificing herself.

R - True Love - To prove to her love how well she knows them, Pris transforms - becoming the object of her affection. On cast, Pris quickly changes into the target of Cyber/neural link. Pris' auto attacks deal 70/85/100% of the damage of the copied champions including all on hit or passive effects. Pris can maintain the transformation for up to 10/15/20 seconds or 4/5/6 seconds after her first attack. This transformation is only cyberskin deep, however, and using any ability will end the effect immediately.

-Type - Single target
-Buff/Debuff Type - Self modifier
-Duration - 10/15/20 Seconds, or 4/5/6 Seconds after attacking
-Range - Self
-AoE - N/A
-Cost - 120 mana
-Cooldown - 120/105/90 seconds
-Target Type - Ally champion with Cyber/neural Link buff

This has two man purposes. 1 - Since you look like the carry, you can cast right before a teamfight to confuse and distract the enemy. 2 - Considerably damage, you can now reap the rewards of getting your carry fed by becoming them for a short time. Get a few shots in and deal that damage. Casting any spells ends this effect.


Damage 47 (+3)
Health 410 (+84)
Mana 200 (+50)
Move Speed 325
Armor 6 (+3.3)
Spell Block 30 (+0)
Health Regen 6.0 (+0.72)
Mana Regen 6.0 (+0.6)
Range 550

Pretty standard support


Height - Gold coloured feminine robot with blueish holographic joints and facial features
Physical Build - Attractively proportioned
Hair style and color - Undecided/open for artist rendering
Eye color - Lit from within
Weapons - Waves or points hand towards target, a little bluish electro bolt flies to them
Attire - None (shes a robot)



Due to the angle that her disembodied head lay on the workbench, Pris could only see one half of the dimly lit room. Also scattered atop the table lay other pieces of her body, mechanical limbs and a great many gears and springs of various sizes. A few things did stand out from the gleaming metal however, chief among them was a darkened glass sphere. Which despite the rooms shadows a steadily throbbing mass could be seen within. Wires sprouting from points in the glass ran haphazardly across the table top. She could not count the number of times she had awoken this way, strewn about like a broken machine needing to be fixed. She could however, always remember what she had done to get here.

Even from her first awakening it had always been the same - emotions, a terrible thirst for emotions. She was drawn to them as if they were magnetic. The stronger the emotion, the more powerful the thirst. She remembered after her fifth awakening discovering love. The emotion that trumped all others. While she had been curious towards the other feelings, love provoked her to single minded obsession. After escaping the workroom by force, guile, or deceit she would prowl the city. Searching for a source. When she found one, she would capture it and bring it to a safe place for study. She had begun at the roots of the emotion, tearing them out to see what could be learned. Eventually she had moved on to more elaborate tests. Her last experiment had seemed so promising, until right in the middle she had been discovered and was carried back to this place. Her resolve to understand hardening like the red stains that covered her body. Next time, she would get it next time, she thought, as darkness enveloped her.

Blitzcrank looked down quizzically at his creation. He had gone to far, he knew that. She had seemed so close, so close to the empathy he knew machines must come feel if they were to share in this world of flesh and blood. Yet, there was nothing else he could think to alter, no calculations left untried. His little experiment was a failure, and it could not be continued. He knew that he should recycle her. Use her parts in another way, but every time he started something made him stop. He found himself re-polishing her gilded skin, or resoldering her joints together. This would be the last time, he knew he must remove the temptation even if he did not understand it. So in his huge hands he took up a delicate pair of legs and placed them a large, straw lined wooden box. On its side stamped in huge block letters, "PROPERTY - INSTITUTE OR WAR".


Hidden Passive
Meant to Be - If Pris casts Not to Be at an opposing Blitzcrank casting Rocket Fist that connects with her both effects are cancelled and thy meet halfway in a brief (0.25 second) hug.


Violets are blue
Her lore is about a robot building a robot to see if robots can feel emotions, despite the first robots failure, it feels oddly attached to its creation. Robot.

Life is like a box of chocolates
After a lengthy duration she can grow such a strong bond with her lane partner it isnt ended by death.

Cupid's arrow
Going to be honest - a little confused with this requirement so i worked around that idea a lot;
her passive is somewhat like the enemy was struck by cupids arrow upon seeing her,
her Q is sorta like cupids arrow in that it makes enemies want to fight less and makes allies invigorated,
her E is like cupids arrow in that she falls in love with an ally champion, giving them bonus health regen and sharing their pain (damage),
i dont want to argue about the ult since its not an arrow really.
Hopefully i got it in there somewhere!