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Should Red Riding Annie's Tibbers be remade?

Yes, into the lumberjack 3 100%
Yes, but into something else. 0 0%
No, I like it the way it is. 0 0%
Voters 3 .

Red Riding Annie's Tibbers.

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Kaji Zodokai

Senior Member


While I'm extremely happy they did an Annie remake, it's a tad disappointing that Red Riding Annie's Tibbers is just a black recolor of Tibbers, especially so considering that every other skin's Tibbers has gotten changed in a way that isn't just a recolor. Here is the picture of the other Tibbers skins (Not counting Annie In Wonderland or RRA, obviously.), as most of you have most likely seen.


I understand this skin is no longer available, but that shouldn't stop it from not being made to be as awesome as the other skins. "What would they possibly change him too?" An easy choice is the Big Bad Wolf, which is what I think they were going for when they made him black, but they couldn't have included maybe wolf ears (which would be hilarious) or maybe even a grandma bonnet? They could also have put him in a lumberjack outfit. (For those unfamiliar with the Red Riding Hood story, a lumberjack cuts her out of the wolfs stomach.) I'm not going to instantly say "OMG RIOT WTF Y U NO RIOT SUX", but I am going to say again that it is a bit disappointing that nothing was done with her Tibbers, and that if it could -possibly- be changed, that would be extremely awesome.