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Peer Review: My pre-30 Nasus support guide.

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[EDIT] after thinking over the reason of this post, I decided my main goal is to bring over some ideas that could contribute twords the plausibility of using Nassus support in higher levels.

Hi. So the purpose of this guide is not to mislead new players into following my limited experience, it is to be peer review/debate my ideas on playing Nasus support.
I also call it pre-30 because it relies on some physiological strategies that may be counted by experience. I would invite along with the criticisms, points that nasus might be viable in higher level play too.

Rather then fill up this post with quotes, I will link the wiki page for refference. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Nasus

Masteries and Items: I don't really feel confident even in a peer review to talk about items and masteries, but I use support masteries and some items i like are:
*Chalice of haromy for those spamming mana heavy slows and debuffs
*Glacial shrowd for the manna, CDR, and armor
*CDR in genneral so late game you can spam his E
*obviously sightstone
*I personaly don't find upgraded boots such a priority sense he dosent need to auto attack enemies, but that could just be the noob in me.

Q: This is the main reason why nasus is normally written off as a support; the argument being that he cannot use it without stealing last hits. For the same reason support nasus does not touch this until last. The only pro I can find to this is that support players do not loose out by putting all the points into his other 3 abilities. My counter to the argument is that Nasus is still good enough of a support champ that loosing his main function still keeps him level with other support champs (evidence later.) You can put a point into this for when your laning partner is back, or you have some creeps to yourself, but I don't think its worth it.

W: Wither after a few points is able to reduce an enemy useless over the course of 5 seconds, to the point were If the enemy is in a bad position he might as well be stunned. The way to use this is when a enemy champion overcomits on a poke, followed up with an E he will take massive damage or even be killed just trying to get back out of range. This can then be used in team fights, especially with CDR to keep the enemy carry useless.
Psychological Effect: At least pre 30, I notice that nassus is hardly ever seen, this combined with the fact that the visual of wither is rather unimpressive, often causes enemy players to take a couple second to even realize something is wrong; by this time they have already taken too much damage. They also will poke without knowing the dangers of wither and be caught out of positions and defenseless.

E: This after a few levels can really weaken a enemy champ to AD, it also has a large raidus great for weakening whole teams in teamfights along with a good chunk of damage. Combine this with wither for all kinds of occasions. I think this also damages towers but not confirmed.
Psychological Effect: Players do not like standing in magic circles, especially when they have no F'ing clue what the effect is. Use this to position enemies or discourage chase.

R: I use this the exact same way I use Alistars ulti, only this has more of a bruiser effects with just a little less tank. Whenever my carry or team needs help, i pop this and the enemy has to choose between attacking me with my extra heath, or get drained. It also can help survivability during teamfights so you can spam that W without being taken out of the fight.
Psychological Effect: This ultimate, unlike his wither, is one of the more spectacular effects in the game. He grows to a giants size, and has all sorts of effects withering about him causing damage and taking less damage. When you pop this off in a team fight it really adds to the chaos, players are unsure of your target priority. If they target you, they are focusing down a temperary tank, and if they don't target you, you are keeping there carry useless with your W, and your doing a good bit of damage with your drain. Often if you pop this in lane with low health enemies will make the mistake of trying to finish you off.

Comparison to other champions: Obviously there are support champions who are a bit better, and many who are equal, but that makes him a great option if you are looking to mix up your support life, and also capitalize on his ability to cause confusion.
And finally, its really the player behind the champion who makes a big difference; 50% of the time I am not playing support, i notice that there are almost no wards on the map, the support has way too many last hits and kills, or the support is just plain bad. If you ward properly, and play for your team not yourself, then I think you deserve to be able to play any support champ that you find fun to play.

Thanks for the read and comments/debate,
I would love it if someone with more experience was to use this in a real guide.