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We ever going to have Lore Events again.

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We are doing more lore events. Our focus is on more shadow isles style events right now. Open to suggestions for making these kinds of events better.

Well, the characters that hail from Shadow Isles are pretty much "scattered" to me : while they have a solid background, the lore does not show how they are exactly connected. Some of them have a really interesting lore (Like Elise or Evelynn) while others just seem to be randomly evil (Hecarim). I think most of the players want to know how their interactions will shape the scenario since the SI folks seem to be the most "dangerous" threat.

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I feel like there are a number of implied connections between them, which hint at an over arching power of unknown nature. Evidence for this would include the fact that Hecarim and Thresh share a fairly strong aesthetic, with Mordekaiser also reflecting that to a lesser extent, implying some singular power is responsible for their existance.

Also, Evelynn is described as an assassin, implying that she is in Valoran for a reason/i.e. under orders, as assassins don't generally go places or kill people without being paid/a good reason.