What about Ww?

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So.. I was playing Warwick for a long, long time. That was my first champion, he was fine. After some time, his q was nerfed twice time's (80% healing, then 16% dmg from 20).
There were changed passive, for more dmg and less sustain, and added ap ratio to %dmg from q(anyway its useless, who even gets ap on ww?)

After the S3 items patch the wolfy is just useless.
Attack speed was nerfed, ressists were nerfed. Bruisers are just way better now.
Why pick Ww, when i Can Irelia, Darius, Pantheon, Jayce etc. For top.
And Nocturne, Lee Sin, Maokai, Shaco etc. For jungle.

Ult at adc? Mercurial Scimitar.

I was waiting for something, i just figured that changes will come but.. It didn't.

So, are there planned any changes or buffs to Ww?