Why we can't have nice things

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Circuit Bear

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Time to go ahead and make this post but try to be reasonable about it.

RiotAmes said in that long post(somewhere I have tried to find the link multiple times but I got tired to combing through the thread so much) that maybe they shouldn't have put so much effort into a skin not easily available to everyone.(Paraphrasing, if someone could get me the exact quote, I'd appreciate it.)

So I got to thinking, if we are going to argue that people buy skins for different reasons and that the people who don't want the goth annie skin to be on sale so preserve its exclusivity, then the correct assumption is that their primary selling point is the exclusive factor.

For me personally, its the particles. For others, its simply the appearance, and as much as I facepalm to this concept, one of my friends its *** appeal.

But if we are going to acknowledge this, perhaps we should just, from now on when it comes to visual updates, just do a base fix on any skins that are "not readily available to everyone". Then put extra effort into either a new skin for said character, or into one of their other skins, not a skin that by its nature of availability will breed contention.

Since we are trying to preserve exclusivity, we should not also throw aside the capacity with reasonable methods for other people to get what they want from a skin.

Not pointing fingers at any side, more of a future date compromise to prevent more issues since nobody is really going to agree or accept a reasonable middle ground without throwing a fit.(this includes the "we just want a temporary sale" group, I didn't post but I saw several threads making fun of the goth annie skin owners, which was just tasteless, I might not like them, might not even get the skin since the attitude of those who owned it ruined it for me(this is assuming they make the bundle reduction system)) but after that point, the people who wanted the skin were not much better.)

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Connector Pens

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Some good points, Riot using exclusivity to sell skins in general I think is a very nasty move.

Take the legacy skins for example, they left themselves a tonne of wiggle room to bring them back out and sell them again and again and again, but many people (incorrectly) bought those skins because they thought they weren't ever going to be available again. Many of those skins people would never buy because they were often just boring recolours, but suddenly they were going to be exclusive so people bought them.

The reason this is weird is because it was a blatant way for Riot to sell skins that weren't selling, there was no real reason to make the skins unavailable (were they taking up too much space?) except to milk a few bucks out of their dying breaths. Riot knew people would only buy them because they were "exclusive" but then they came back and started selling them again, which is legally completely fine but is bound to anger some people that bought lacklustre skins under misguided pretences.

That, combined with the mismanagement of the whole Annie fiasco has left me a little weary of the sales department.

*Disclaimer, I don't own the Gothic Annie Skin and only own one legacy skin, Yellow Jacket Shen. I don't play Shen since his rework and wouldn't care if that skin was made available to everyone. Just pointing out some things I thought were slightly money-grubbing.*