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RIOT Champ/Game Improvement

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With all the new system changes that Riot is making with the ranked matches and new League system, it got me thinking. As it stands there are 3 match modes with Summoner's Rift in which players cannot join unless they have spent enough time farming IP or have shoveled out real money for champs. As League is becoming a forefront in the Esports system i think that getting players more experienced with team comps and practicing draft pick matches would benefit both the playerbase as well as breed more possible pro players and teams. The system I think will work is that for every 3, 5 or 6 lvls as players progress to 30 they are given the option to unlock a champ of thier choice. This would give the players 10, 6 or 5 champs permenantly as soon as they hit 30 and combined with the 7 free weekly champs would allow players to quickly join the draft pick queue matches. With this change players would then be able to master a good number of champs and be more likely to progress to the pro level. Now you may be thinking Riot hasn't done this because they want to make money somehow and having champs given for free wouldn't facilitate that. I would disagree and say that this would actually drive more players to buy skins for their favorite line up of champs. I for one currently spend IP to buy my champs and have had no qualm in spending RP to buy the skins for all the champs I have earned.

So in the end if you all agree pls bump this thread so that riot can see the support and hopefully put this system into place.

Posted by Me and Raiskul