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things about lol that make me super angry

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in a game of 5v5, i was in a group with 2 afk. yes it happens, someone knocks on the door, phone rings, mom yells at you, but these afk`ers were gone through the whole 49 minutes of the game. now, we tried voting to end the match, but there was a joker that voted no and because this 1 vote against 2. the match was prolonged. ridiculous. i know asking for a 3v2 majority win vote to quit might be pushing it, but in the situation of 2v5, match should end automatically, so players can move on to the next match..


there are those players, you know the ones. the ones that you ignore because they complain and curse at everyone. they complain at one player; one gets butt hurt and argues back, rather than do the sensible thing and just put them on ignore, they begin typing out insults at each other. as a consequence of the constant bickering, they get killed and feed the other team and your team loses another turret.

why is we can`t just place them on ignore, permanently but not just this but also make it where we never play with them again?