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Why is shaco constantly nerfed

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Senior Member


im sick of his nerfing because i dont know why people are saying "his level2 gank is too op" when its not. Now he wont be able to outrange turrets,oracles,wards making it almost impossible to gank at early levels.

what support champ or top laner is buying vision wards when they spawn? ... shaco shuts down lanes hard.... a good shaco will liteally faceroll anything moderately overextended and even if they flash away ... now their carry/champ whoever... has ultimate burned possibly their only escape mechanic which leads them to be easily picked off by harass/pokes/ult

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Lucien Falfax



I'm tired of Shaco being nerfed as well. I love Shaco and he is my main for the jungle. Yah he has some cool tricks and can be very frustrating for players to go against, but he is by far not nerf worthy. Shaco is very squishy and is best early game, this means it's crucial for him to feed his lanes because he becomes pretty useless late game other than back dooring.

This most recent nerf on shaco is the worst yet, They reduced decieves range so the one thing that Shaco is good at (early game ganking) is inhibited as he can't jump walls as effectivly as he used to be.

It's just getting excessive is all I'm saying. Leave The Demon Jester alone!