Team Game - Needs Language Preference

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This a team-based game, obviously. Teamwork is essential. I play on the North American server, and apart of the NA server are those who don't speak English as a primary language. Now this thread is not to offend any race/culture, or to be against those who don't speak English as their primary language, but to ask for something that would make this game a little bit more team effective, adding a language preference.

In certain games, I'll find myself in a lobby of Summoners who speak a different language that I don't understand. When this happens, my team usually ends up losing the game due to a lack of communication. This is neither mine nor their fault, as we can't understand each other's typing.

Now I don't know how much it would affect the game in whole, I don't know how others feel about this if it were to be a change in LoL. All I really want out of this is to be paired with a team that I can communicate with effectively and efficiently, because as I'm sure you all know, communication takes a large role in League of Legends. I'm sure that being able to select a primary language for a Summoner profile or through the options menu would help immensely in ensuring that you are paired up with a team that also has the same language preference as you, and are at least speaking a language you'll understand.

All I'd like to see out of this is more players feeling more secure about being paired up with an actual team they can talk to before they press that Play button and get dropped into queue. I'd love some feedback on this. I really enjoy playing this game, but I need to play with others that speak the same language as me, because playing Support, it helps when your ADC and/or Jungler can understand you, and you understand them, as well as the rest of your team.