Item synergies to break up tanky bruisers

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I gotta be frank.

Tanks in this game are getting a little out of control.

One tanky champ can shrug off 3-5 players no problem.

I SEE THE POINT OF TANKS! I don't need you to tell me.

I play AD, Top, Mid, Support, and Jungle. I have all the champs. I play all the champs.

The item builds for an ADC, Jungle, or Top vary, but one thing is for certain. If a Garen, Singed, Malphite, Nunu, Irelia, Taric.... etc... etc... etc...

Get too far ahead of the DPS, WHICH CANNOT BE CONTROLLED SOMETIMES, It is almost impossible for the DPS champs to counter that.

Not only do they have a ton of sustain, but the overall damage they can do can be high enough to kill an ADC or APC without to uch trouble.

My point.

While you have items that ignore Armor, attack off of HP... blah blah blah... these items can still not do enough.

I'm suggesting item synergies.

You have a Runed Blade, Phantom Dancer, and Elder lizard... you get an increase in damage based on HP.

You have a Death Cap, Abyssal Scepter, and Liandras torm... you get an increase to Magic pen and HP burn.

Item synergies can work for any number of things... but I'm discussing this because multiple tanky champs in a team fight... are a little staggering.

It is getting much more difficult to counter an excessive amount of tanky toons top... Teemo is all awesome and stuff... but his end-game pales to singed or garens.

Champs with 300+ Armor and 3000+ K HP are not getting stopped by an ADC with tons of Pen...

We might as well rename ADC's to Anti Carries. cause in a lot of ranked games, thats all they really get away with doing.