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League Seeding For Ranked Teams

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Alaxander Faine

Junior Member


I'm sure this has been heard a lot but the league system is kinda broken. Here is an example: My preseason games decided that I should be placed in the top ten of the first division of Bronze League. I also feel that is a good spot for me to start. After obtaining that position though and working to reach the Silver league I quickly found that no matter how good my personal game play is I still get demoted for the failures of others. This is especially annoying as the ranked system does not pair you with players of you similar skill level. Instead each player has the possibility of facing someone beyond their skill level. This wouldn't be a problem and I would enjoy the challenge even if it meant a loss, however, it does nothing to say that if I am paired with an opponent of higher skill level My team mates won't even be at my skill level (or even at my modest mental capacity). I'm sure that many of us can relate to this:

I am not asking for much and I know that it would be quite difficult to program the system to award or, for lack of a better word, punish individual players based on their performance. But is there anyway to stop those of us who deserve to reach a higher standing from losing our current one and falling deeper into the mire that is the lower divisions? If something along those lines could be worked out I'm sure that it would placate many of those like myself who seem trapped by the never ending muck of unskilled players. Perhaps a system that could take into account the total kills v. deaths v. assists v. cs. While a loss would still be deducted, those with a decent score even in a complete shut out would take less than those who, according to their own score were tasty meals for the feeding of our enemies.

Thank you very much for reading my rant. Peace

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Eyes Open



This system clearly needs some tweaking there, Yegg. Consider this, in your system I look like a noob with terrible "MMR" but I'm playing well as of recent and carrying teams. I've now started to understand the game a little more and playing with more confidence. The only problem is, I'm getting +11 points for wins and -23 for losses. So now that I'm playing better, your system feels I don't belong where I am. I've now gone 2-1 (2 wins 1 loss) however, I'm down 1 point from where I started 3 games ago. Look into it. Keep up the hard work.