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Riot Can You Change The Theme To 5v5 Like You Use To?

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Over the years that league has been out Riot has changed the theme to the 5v5 Summoner's Rift map with the seasons. But this year it seems they are to worried about coming out with new champs, skins, and fixing/ Patching to take just a quick break to change the theme of the map. Like is it that hard to put "Snow" on the map like it use to have in the winter season. Looking at the same map all day gets old. Like come on Riot. Its not asking for much. Your fan base is gonna play regardless but its the thought that we enjoy playing on a some what different looking battle ground that makes the game even better. When you all "Riot" actually take the time to adjust even the little stuff. Like changing the theme of Summoner's Rift. Us "your fans" can enjoy the game better. So please Riot. Update the theme of the map.