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Volibear Update...

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Puma Byte



For a while I kept on hearing talk about a Volibear update, one that would make him a more viable jungler. So I was expecting some skill improvements/changes and other tweaks to his stats.

Than I see the new patch notes and scroll down to see Volibear. I was so HAPPY to see one of my fave champs in an update until I read it...

Volibear’s base attack speed was below average for an attack-based melee champion. This change helps address this deficiency and helps him clear the jungle.
  • Base attack speed increased to 0.658 from 0.625

>.> REALLY!?!? A miniscule AA speed increase. That is suppose to make him a more viable jungler?!?! I am disappoint butthurt!! No me gusta D:

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Senior Member


Considering that he already has an aspd steroid that works multiplicatively with base aspd and not scaling aspd, this seems like the perfect buff for just jungle volibear. It's a 5% increase to the number of auto-attacks he makes, period.

This is also the same thing they use to tweak AD carries that are too strong or too weak and directly affects their scaling for the entire game.