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Team Pure Dedication is Looking for Sub Mid and Sub Support

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Hello, I am the team captain and jungler for Team Pure Dedication. We used to have a post that covered more of our core beliefs and what we are looking for but it was outdated. So, essentially, we are a competitive team looking to go professional and we will have regular practice. We hate ragers and we are looking for calm, intelligent players with skill. Above all it is about the team name: Pure Dedication. If you don't live and breathe to play competitive LoL, don't apply. One more thing. To be on this team you must be willing to take constructive criticism and always be willing to work harder to become a better player. You are never perfect, so always keep learning and improving. We believe this, combined with teamwork, will take our team to the next level. The key to success is the power of an indomitable will.

Application( Don't add me unless you post, you will NEVER get a tryout without posting):
Position (Should be mid or support!):
Time Zone(We are Central Time Zone, so PST might not work out):
Times Available:
What it takes to be a professional team:
fav champs:
Tell a joke:

Our current schedule is 5-7 Central on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and 3-9 Central on Saturday with a dinner break. We can start about an hour later, but that is about all we will be able to do. If you cannot be on at these times do not post.
We have been very thorough and have done a lot of tryouts. That is because we are looking for skilled players, with the right personality, that are available during these times. We have run through about 40 applicants, so please don't apply unless you meet all these requirements. We want to be the best and we will not take weak players, this does not necessarily mean you have to be incredibly skilled but you do have to have all the other things and you need a fair bit of skill as well. It is not easy to meet these requirements we know, so if you can't just don't apply. We want our team to be a perfect machine and it takes a lot of work to find the perfect parts for it.

Edit: I have been told by my constituents that in order to "diversify our team" we would like to have a woman on it. Personally, I think women are really cool, but I don't really care that much if you are one or not. That being said, a woman who wanted to join our team would be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.