Bruiser Teams.

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Im here to rant about alllllllllll the health items right now, and the fact that a team of bruisers can wreck and win almost every time unless horribly out-skilled.

I just got out of a game where the enemy team had taken Shen, Garen, Lux, Thresh, and Vi. Lux ran mid obviously, Garen topped, Shen jungled and Vi and Thresh on bot. They did a 5 man invade against our jungle's blue. Effectively shutting our Fiddlesticks down. My bot pushed their turret early and in response they proceeded to 4 man babysit bottom. Due to the fact that our jungle was shut down it ended up staying a 2v4 on bot. Pass this point and fast forward, their Lux had the lowest hitpoint pool with 2.6k. As an underleveled team, that used the meta, how are we supposed to counter that team?