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Understanding split pushing and where to be? (Solo queue)

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Can someone help me to understand the inner workings of split pushing in solo queue? How do I make it work in my favor? Sometimes I try it but my team ends up engaging and dying or something. It's hit or miss whether or not it's a good idea, so I guess I need help knowing when to do it and if I should do it.

I feel like this also goes in hand with where you should be in a game at what time? For example, if I am top lane and my mid, jungle, and bot lane are skirmishing pretty heavily and it looks shady sometimes, should I just completely bail on top and go help them in hopes that we kill them 4v5 and then top tower won't matter anymore? Or would it be better to stay in my lane (even if my own top bails) and farm/split push hard? Even for mid lane, if my opponent leaves depending on what champion I am should I follow them or try and take mid tower?

For me it's hard to determine how my things will play out in solo queue for my teammates when I'm not there or if I was there. I know there isn't a sure fire way to know the ins and outs of this, but is there a decision or a checklist I can go through to determine what I should do?

Sometimes I play like this "No matter what happens, if a teamfight/skirmish develops I book it and help my team. No matter what team first, towers second". I play like that sometimes because I feel it's the best way to help my teammates not feed/throw the game and possibly help them get fed to carry themselves.

Sorry if it's confusing, hopefully you guys understand what I am getting at and can give me some good advice or a link to a well written up to date guide. I feel like if I became stronger in this department it would help a lot of my games go the direction I would like them to.

Thanks in advance!