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how to counter Caitlyn as Signed top lane?

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few weeks ago I was playing cait and was losing my lane to a very agressive leona draven. My supp was jumping the gun and getting way too agressive for me to be able to keep up. Good guy GP was up top vs a singed and was farming really well but was a stale mate not killing each other. I asked good guy GP hey dude mind switching with me so I can get some farm and carry through in our late game. Thanks to that move GP and nunu were able to really harass leona and draven also I was zoning out singed so hard it was not even fair. So i got my kills vs singed and their jungler and managed to bring my self back from the abyss of losing.

Just saying I dont rly see any way singed can counter cait, like thy said just tank up and farm

PS guys team play goes a long way. We won that match cuz GP was a team player and agreed to switch lanes with me if not I could not have carried.