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Thresh top?

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Faran Herras

Junior Member


I have played him a couple of times top now. Won 4 times and kinda drawed the fifth against yorick. Anyone think he would be decent to keep playing top. I'm not sure about his prowess as a top champ. Him getting farmed gives you pretty much a super super in teamfights.

My build for him was:
Ionian Boots
Liandry's Torment
Sunfire cape
Abyss Scepter
the frozen gauntlet thingy or Frozen heart
(at start I rushed a Philo stone for assist in gold income)

Masteries:9/21/0(for magic pen and general tankiness)

Anyone tips for improving him being useful or anything else?

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Senior Member


Thresh is better AD in top lane in my opinion. His auto attack harass is really powerful vs. most AD bruisers. Attack damage makes his passive Q hit like a truck. It's so powerful in fact that once you have a bloodthirster most people will back off immediately after the first hit. It's that good! He should be built tanky though. A glass cannon Thresh will always fail regardless of what role he's playing.

In fact there's a great guide here http://www.lolking.net/guides/71183 for AD Thresh or if you want to try him AP top you can have a go at this one here http://www.lolking.net/guides/79791

I personally think his cooldowns are too long and his magical damage(Minus his ultimate) to be too low to warrant going full AP though. You can't depend on Thresh being a consistent source of magic damage like you could Elise or Swain in top lane.