I am so sick of League right now

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Digital Angel01

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I've lost 5 straight games and every game someone has been AFK for 15 or more minutes (usually the ADC) or disconnected. So after the 4th game I started Treeline to get my FW and go to bed. Low and behold now another teammate disconnects when we have a commanding lead and then cannot do anything.

I did a sixth game despite being pissed off and end up disconnecting because the team says they are going to troll because I don't want Ezreal going top on a brusier map who is apparently playing with a friend Riven.

Does Riot even give a damn about player behavior? Does the tribunal ever get anyone banned? I'm fine losing a 5v5 or 3v3 but there's nothing like wasting 3 hours of your life in an unwinnable game because of people leaving. And usually the game WOULD be winnable despite the person but 1 or 2 people start spamming surrender and go into give up mode, which makes me also not care as it becomes a 2v5 with the others who have packed in.

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i realized AFK was on a high rate especially today. Witnessed 3 out of 4 already just now, though i was on the winning side. Won a ranked game 2v5 in 15 mins LOL...