Meirrine, the Flame Heart

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Tahi Relle

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This champion is another one of those fleshed out champ designs with numbers and the like. Its based off my very first Champion concept chucked out here; Rainbow, The Explosive Propulsionist. I figure since they were the first, they should get some spotlight, so let us draft up an awesome Champ concept.

Meirrine's concept revolves around the connection between anger and fire (I know, real original, right?) while attempting to retain a degree of grace. Her kit is a bunch of tricky aiming with the ability to buff up her abilities, but receive a fair bit of punishment if they player messes up or is intercepted. New players will want to forego enhancing her powers, while expirianced players wil use their benefits to a deadly degree.

I didn't want to use Mana for Meirrine, so instead I decided to make her a caster based on Fury. By expending charges, Meirrine casts her spells. By expending additional charges, Meirrine increases the power of a particular spell. The amount of Fury to be spent is selected before the spell is activated, meaning you have to make quick decissions. Finally, Meirrine's skill as a caster is horribly unrefined, making her take damage from her own skills. Yikes!

Appearance: Classic
Meirrine is jumping foward, propelled by some explosive force behind her. Her long red hair whips about wildly and the yellow ribbon holding it is on fire, slowly coming undone. Flames sprout from her back and form a "Wing-like" pattern with feathered motifs about it. While most of her clothing remains safe for work, her trousers, from the knee down, are on fire and bits of them are falling away from the force of her propulsion. She wears a white shirt under a blue overcoat with its sleeves torn away. Her left hand is reaching outward toward whatever her target may be, similarly coated in fire like her legs. The fire from her arm licks are her face, causing her to flinch a bit but retain a vicious scowl for her intended target. She appears human, although the tips of her fingers end in small claws, easily confused for long fingernails. It appears several ropes may have previously bound her, but any visible ropes are charred tatters unfit for even starting a fire at this point. Pray for her Target.

Appearance: White Hot Meirrine
Meirrine is recoiling from an attack from a lance, or so it seems. She has traded her Blue overcoat for a white one and wears a black ribbon in multicolored golden-red hair. Meirrine has caught the aforementioned lance, heating it to such a degree that it is bending from its own weight to the dismay of the nameless, unlucky Stand-in-prop-Soldier while his horse panics from the flames on its coat. Holding the lance appears to burn Meirrine, giving her a trade-mark scowl.

Appearance: Rocket Girl Meirrine
Meirrine is actually SMILING! She soars throught the air, clad in hextech-themed apperal, most noteably her rocket-powered boots. Sticks of dynamite appear to by a fashion statement around her wrists like braclets. Instead of an outstretched claw, Meirrine's hand is forward like a triumphant fist of...uh...Justice?

Damage: 54 (+3 Per Level)
Health: 411 (+91 Per Level)
Fury: 100; 20 per Charge
Movement Speed: 315
Armor: 13 (+ 1.2 per Level)
Magic Resistance: 30 (+0 Per Level)
Health Regeneration: 7 (+ .5 per level)
Mana Regeneration: N/a

[Innate] - Unbridaled
Meirrine deals damage to herself with her abilities as if she were an enemy unit. She gains 5 Fury per basic attack, or upon receiving damage from a champion (Including herself; 2 second cooldown). Every 20 Fury equals one Fury Charge, used as fuel for her spells.

Meirrine gains bonus Tenacity equal to her Fury Charges times {2 (+1 per 2 levels)}

[Q] - Explosive Flight
Cost: 1 to 3 Charges
Cooldown: 24 Seconds
Meirrine creates an explosion, dealing damage and sending her flying like a rocket. When Meirrine lands, she deals magic damage in an area. If Meirrine collides with an enemy Champion, she deals bonus physical damage and applys On-hit effects in addition to the area damage.

Meirrine releases a cone of explosive energy which deals Magic Damage to Meirrine and units within. Meirrine is launched by the explosion, flying a great distance and landing with a fiery vengance, dealing additional magic damage. If Meirrine collides with an enemy Champion during her flight, she strikes them with added force, dealing Bonus physical Damage and applying On-hit effects.

Distance traveled and damage depends on the amount of fury Meirrine spends to activate Explosive Flight:
1 Charge: {30, 60, 90, 120, 150} (+ .03 AP) Launch and Landing Damage. {12, 21, 30, 39, 48}% Bonus Physical Damage. 600 Units traveled; Meirrine cannot collide with champions within 400 units of her starting location.
2 Charges: {45, 75, 120, 165, 210} (+ .04 AP) Launch and Landing Damage. {18, 31, 44, 57, 70}% Bonus Physical Damage. 900 Units traveled; Meirrine cannot collide with champions within 700 units of her starting location.
3 Charges: {60, 120, 180, 240, 300} (+ .05 AP) Launch and Landing Damage. {24, 42, 60, 78, 96}% Bonus Physical Damage. 1200 Units Traveled; Meirrine cannot collide with champions within 900 Units of her starting location.

[W] - Phoenix Bolt
Cost: 1 to 3 Charges
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Meirrine fires a ball of explosive energy at the cursor, dealing magical damage in a radius. If Meirrine is caught within the blast, she takes flight, traveling a small distance. If Meirrine collides with terrain while in flight, she becomes stunned for 2 seconds.

Meirrine throws a ball of explosive energy, dealing {80, 110, 140, 170, 200} (+ .06 Ability Power) in a radius. If Meirrine is caught within the blast radius, she is launched a distance porportional to her proximity to the explosion. While airborn, Meirrine will fire additional Phoenix Bolts equal to the numder of additional charges used to activate the ability over 2 seconds. Additional bolts deal half as much damage.

If Meirrine passes through an enemy unit, she will rend them with her claws, dealing {18, 36, 54, 72, 90} (+ 1.4 Bonus Attack Damage) over 4 seconds. This damage can only be applied once during the ability.

If Meirrine collides with terrain or crowd control during flight, she becomes stunned for 2 seconds. Meirrine will continue to cast additional bolts, but they wil be centered on her, and not cause flight.

[E] - Burning Resilliance
Cost: 2 Charges
Cooldown: 27 Seconds
Meirrine's body has adapted to the constant punishment Meirrine puts it through, granting her bonus health regeneration and Magic Damage Reduction. Meirrine can activate the ability to gain a burst of hitpoints which quickly burns away.

[Passive] Meirrine gains {2, 4, 6, 8, 10} (+1 per 40 AP) Bonus Health Regeneration and reduces all magic damage she receives by {11, 16, 21, 26, 31) (+ .1 Bonus Attack Damage)

[Active] Meirrine gains {7, 9, 11, 13, 15}% of her missing hitpoints, but burns {120, 119, 118, 117, 115}% of that amount away over 1 second per {5, 4.50, 4, 3.5, 3}% of current Hitpoints she had before casting. (True Damage).

[R] -Ultimate- The Momentum
Cost: 3 Charges
Cooldown: 50, 45, 40 Seconds
Meirrine gains a boost to movement speed and ability power which rapidly diminishes. If She attacks an enemy champion during this time, she deals bonus magic damage. During The Momentum Meirrine's abilities gain bonus effects.

Meirrine cries out for 3 seconds as a vortex of fire engulfs her, afterwards Meirrine gains {33, 66, 100}% Bonus Movement Speed, and receives {7, 9, 11}% of that as Bonus Ability Power for 6 seconds. During this time, Meirrine's next basic attack against an enemy champion will deal magic damage equal to her movement speed. If Meirrine kills an enemy Champion during The Momentum, the durration is increased by 2 seconds and the Bonus Magic Damage is refreshed.

Meirrine's Abilities gain bonus effects during The Momentum:
Explosive Flight: Can be charged and cast while moving.
Phoenix Bolt: Meirrine becomes untargetable while in flight.
Burning Resiliance: Amount healed is increased by 50%, but damage returned stays the same.

Semi-Hidden Passive:
Each time Meirrine uses Explosive Flight or Pheonix Bolt, her clothing will become a shade darker, and burns and tatters will appear on the cuffs of her tunic and trousers, to a degree (Champion is still recognizeable, colors never become black-out from overcooking). Upon returning to the Platform, Meirrine will swap her destroyed clothing for new apperal, renewing the color. Her Joke will also renew her colors.

Playing as Meirrine:

Meirrine requires a tricky balance of Magic Resistance and Health to avoid killing herself or getting killed by enemy champions. Magic resistance will reduce the damage she receives from her abilities.

Meirrine's high health regeneration will be able to sustain her through a slow jungle with powerful ganking potential.

Buy a Regrowth Pendant and some potions and run for Red, obtaining a hard leash. Either Take Burning resilliance or Phoenix Bolt. Phoenix Bolt will apply more damage for an early gank, while Burning Resilliance will sustain you through the jungle Longer.

For an Early Gank, take Explosive Flight after Red. To remain in the jungle take the other of the two opening abilities and take Explosive Flight at level 3.

Because Meirrine replies on high damage and surprise attacks, make sure you communicate with your teammates and have them apply their crowd control before you engage.

Ability Power based Meirrine's will want to take Sorcerer's Boots and Moonfire Spellblade, while attack damage Meirrine's will want Mercury Treds and Hexdrinker. Abyssal Scepter and Wit's End will increase you power while protecting you from your own abilities. Lichbane and Force of Nature will offer magic resistance, and augment one of your Champion's strong points; regeneration or burst damage.

A laning Meirrine will want to depend on Phoenix Bolt and Burning Resilliance to keep her active, using Explosive flight primarily for finishing an opponent off or esscaping.

Take a point of Phoenix Bolt and then Burning Resilliance and then Explosive Flight, and max Phoenix Bolt First.

Meirrine's high mobility makes her a prime candidate to gank from or toward middle quickly. Sorcerer's Boots will increase your damage while Moonfire Spellblade protects you from crowd control effects. Abyssal Scepter will increase your output on all parameters except yourself. Nashor's Tooth will aquire charges faster and reduce your long cooldowns. Lichbane will provide higher damage output from your ultimate, and Zhonya's Hourglass will prevent the damage from Burning Resilliance.

Fighting Meirrine:

Meirrine is weak to stuns, like any champion. If any displacing crowd control catches her in mid flight she'll fall helplessly to the ground. If Meirrine begins to charge Explosive Flight, its sometimes a better idea to run toward her, as she will fly over you, dealing damage to herself twice, and none to you.

Reducing Meirrine's Magic resistance is a powerful tool against her, as she'll deal increased damage to herself, making Malady and Abyssal Scepter must-have items.


Meirrine runs fairly normal, nothing speacial or out of the ordinary about her gait. Her hair bounces just a little from being tied back into a ponytail.

Movement Above 650;
Meirrine is hunched over, arms clawing through the arm as if demanding she move even faster. The speed presses her hair down, making it somewhat streamlined as she zips toward a target.

Meirrine has lackluster posture, hips slightly offset as she lazily waits and shoulders slouched.

Attack Animation; Meirrine will preform any of the following
Overhead claw; Meirrine will sweep downward, using her claws
Straight Jab; Meirrine will punch her target, using a fist.
Backhand Claw; Meirrine will preform a backhand-cross, using her claw.
--Critical Animation;
Roundhouse; Meirrine will give a robust roundhouse kick, releasing a small explosive burst at the end.
Bodyslam; Meirrine will ram her target, left arm cocked back slightly while its fist burries itself in her opponent. It seems like she meant to punch, but got a bit ahead of herself.

Recall Animation;
Meirrine hunches over, smoldering slightly and gripping the ground tightly with her claws. It appears as if she really doesn't want to go back, and could leap from her position on a whim instead.

A pair of firy wings sprout and flap once violently and exploding. Meirrine is blown forward, her torso thrown forward while her arms and legs flail behind her until she enters striking distance. Upon reaching striking range, she pulls her arms and legs forward, as if to pounce on an unlucky victim. Upon collision, instead of pouncing, Meirrine delivers an explosive punch to her target. If there is no collision target, Meirrine delivers an explosive kick to the ground.

Meirrine pitches a ball of fire, like a baseball player, toward the cursor. If she is caught within the blast, she is thrown, preforming graceful arial acrobatics to right herself before landing like a cat. If a champion is passed through while she is in mid air, she will reach out and claw them.

Mearrine hunches over, clutching her chest and dropping her weight slightly as the effect takes hold. While the burning persists, Meirrine clutches her chest and moves as if in pain, unless fighting or casting other spells.

Meirrine braces herself, leaning back slightly and yelling at the sky while a vortex of fire spirals around her, flowing into her during the cast time. Afterward, Meirrine's sprite has a spiraling vortex of fire behind it, like rocket propulsion. The fire grows diminnishes over the durration.

Voice Selections:
Upon Selection:
"All of them...will burn...." *Strained*

"A trail of embers."
"Before I burn out." *annoyed/impatcient*
"Like a moth to the Flame."

"You can't run!"
"Feel my hatred!"
*Special: Selecting Aniva As Attack Target*

Spending Fury Charges:
Various Shouts and Screams of anger~

Casting Q:
"Catch me!" *Playfully*
*Insane Laughter*

Casting E:
*Some more screaming*

Casting R:
Bone-Chilling howl of rage.

"So dark..."

Prepare to be consumed in endless fire! *Spraying gouts of fire upward*

Prepare to be consumed in end-o-owowowowo!!!!-----------------------------------------------------Hmph....!
---------------------------------------------*Sets herself on fire and Stops, drops and rolls* *Changes her charred overcoat*

Senbonsakura Fan Dance (?), Meirrine creates a fan of flames and dances.

Here is where the fun begins! We're going to leave her lore entirely up to you, the fans! Why does she Hate Aniva? Why is she in so much pain with so much hate? The most appropriate and awesome Lore will be selected with the writter's name given hounorable mention.

Do you like her? Do you Hate her? Does she give you bad feelings? Feel free to rate, critique and comment!

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Tahi Relle

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Lets get some comments rolling. Certainly there's some creative writers who love FIRE. Meirrine's a poor lonely girl who's in a lot of pain because of her natural attunement to FIRE. She needs your comments and love or the FIRE will be her only friend. No, She will not be friends with Amumu...


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Tahi Relle

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Added Appearances and a Semi-Hidden passive: Clothing Conditions

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sounds cool, but im not much of a writer :P

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Tahi Relle

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Edit(12/17/2012): Decrease the effectiveness of Meirrine as a Melee DPS Champion while increasing her potential as a Burst Caster.

Explosive Flight:
--Physical Damage Upon impact now affects any enemy unit. Bonus Physical Damage increased to {12, 21, 30, 39, 48}%, {18, 31, 44, 57, 70}%, and {24, 42, 60, 78, 96}%, from {9, 18, 27, 36, 45}%, {13, 26, 39, 52, 65}%, {18, 36, 54, 72, 90}%
Phoenix Bolt:
--Now only applies Rend damage to the first enemy champion hit.
--Attack Damage Scaling reduced to (1.2) from (1.4) of Bonus Attack Damage.

Burning Resilliance:
--Magic Damage reduction Attack Damage scaling reduced to (.1) from (.2) Bonus Attack Damage.
The Momentum:
--Killing an enemy Champion now refreshes the bonus Magic Damage, and extends the durration of The Momentum's effects by 2 seconds.

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Tahi Relle

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Edit(1/10/2013): Remove AD Meirrine's ability to be immune to crowd control by virtue of her passive. Asthetic updates.

Added Rocket Girl Meirrine skin.

--Fury is generated by attacking and receiving damage from champions, including herself, in units of 5, instead of gaining full charges of fury by preforming a number of attacks or being attacked by an enemy champion. 20 points of fury equal one Fury Charge, expended to cast spells.--Bonus Tenacity per Fury Charge reduced from 2 +1 per level to 2 +1 per 2 levels.

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Tahi Relle

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Quick Addendum to The Above edit; Worked Burning Resilliance to be slightly more functional. Or slightly less...mwhahaha.

Burning Resilliance
--True Damage DoT applied from Activing Burning Resilliance has a longer durration the more hitpoints Meirrine had before activating it.

Wtf does that mean, and why?
It means that when Meirrine activates Burning resilliances at very low health percentages, such as 10-15%, she will heal a HUGE amount, but the rate at which it burns away will be faster, due to the strain on her from being injured and such. On the flip side, activating it which she is healthy and fit deals the damge over a longer period of time, making it easier to compensate for and less likely to be the effect that kills her. It sucks killing yourself.

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Tahi Relle

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I'm less concerned about someone adding Lore than I am someone to crunch numbers.

Is she OP with way too much damage? If so, how much damage is she dealing to herself? Is she playable? Is AD Meirrine too powerful still? Is AP Meirrine going to die the first spell she casts? And foremost;

What do you guys think of her?

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whats so wrong with mana? this champ would benefit from it greatly rather then these "Rage charges". Plus there have been so many of these flaws that can be answered with the same question. "You have just re-spawned at your nexus with 5 enemies taking down an inhibitor, with your 'ability powering system' how can you take them out without farming?" I will let you explain that one.

first off lets start with her starting HP and this "Harming herself" i dont know what role you are going for but either way hurting herself @ 410 HP is not going to be "fun" nor beneficial to the person playing her. also she deals the same amount of damage to herself as she does to enemies? i wouldnt cast a single spell, not even pick her in that case!

also stunning on ANY cc coming her way? so almost any champion can easily stun her for 2 seconds just by knowing her weakness? your giving the enemy too much to work with here.

looking at your cooldowns as well... 27 seconds? only ultimates are in that area and even then those are pretty good! Soraka's "OP" heal is only on a 20 second CD and your shortest ability is 14 seconds?

i really dont like saying this but I keep reading it over and more and more thinking that this champion is a scrap it or a 95% remake. there is nothing about this champion i would find appealing or fun to play.

i am sorry but i believe in honest reviews and do not let this get your hopes squashed! check the LoLwiki and just page through abilities and look at their range, cooldowns, and how they use their energy systems.

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Tahi Relle

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Please do be honest--It's important!

LolWiki is the only place I haven't looked to compare ranges and suchwhat for abilities.

My main idea for her is a mage that utilizes their explosive rage as a weapon. Fire just seemed to fit the "Explosive" and "Rage" portion. The champion's whole "Idea" so to speak is to be a rage-based caster--which is why a fair bit of her abilities incorperate some AD benefits.
--In her passive I state that hurting herself with her own abilities will give her charges. Nifty huh!? Reading over her abilities (Just plain remembering them while reading the passive) I see that nothing has a Cost of zero. Oops! Silly Tahi!

For the Dealing damage to herself; Her magical powers burn herself, she's a newb like that. 1:1 Self Damaging Ratio is too high? Then let's tweak it down, but by how much? 90% Self Damage? 50%? .0000001%? Damage Over time?

For the Flight Mechanic by CC I meant any form of Displacement/Stun. So not slows and such. Like shooting her out of the sky. My bad there since I Copy/Pasted a bunch of this from a text document.

I was affraid to give her better Cooldowns because of her Gap Closing/Withdrawing potential, which, considering her "Kill herself" Potential is probably a mistake! I'll rework those--Thank you for your reveiwing. I intend to make (Most of) my champions as beleivable and functional as possible while remaining true to their original concept, and as the first person to give any sort of feedback on this it makes me all happy! Yay! Happiness!