Constant Fighting over role... Solution?

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Ok so here is my idea. i know this could have a few bugs or problems so feel free to point em out.

In draft picks people constantly bickering over whether or not someone called something or because they just happen to be higher on the list that they are entitled to whatever they want. an idea would be to choose some more options before being thrown in queue. example would be,

Preferred Meta: offers multiple choices like 2 top 1 mid 2 bot, or 1 top, 1 mid, 1 jungle, 2 bot, and any other common ones. and would also offer you the option to go back to normal calling out your role/

Role Preference: you select your role preference. (Jungle would not be an option in certain meta choices)

what'd ya'll think?

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This is a great idea, you should be able to q as a jungle, top lane etc and then get matches made this way, would be interesting and maybe give extra ip to people who play uncommon roles that are needed liek support for example

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Just learn all roles, I used to bicker about roles then I stopped and just learned how to play everything (takes a while but in the long run you will know what you are doing and work with the team and hey you know how to supp, Jung,solo, adc) and most of the times it's jungling meta at lvl 30. I hope this helps you but really knowing how to play all roles (fill) is probably the best solution besides trolling or prevent trolling in game.(ex. Person who wanted the role doesn't get it and thus decides to feed, leaves, throw the games)