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Show the ELO range of matches in Tribunal.

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Espy Psyche

Senior Member


This is applicable mostly for cases of intentional feeding, but is applicable in other cases too.

Many people go off score when judging an intentional feeding case. Personally, I go off whether the person says something like "i'm feeding now gg" or "mid or I feed" or something like that, indicating that they are in fact purposely feeding. Let's take a case of a 1/12/5 Darius. I reviewed a case with a Darius that had a similar score that was accused of intentional feeding.

If this Darius is 2000 ELO, he is either intentionally feeding or account sharing, both of which are against the rules. Nobody gets to 2k+ by having that many deaths in a game. Scores in 2k+ are very close to 1 K/D ratio, both numbers tend to be low, and most champions tend to have a K+A somewhere near the total team kills number. I would punish this Darius every time.

If this Darius is 1400 ELO, he probably fed intentionally, but he could have had a bad game. Or, he could have gotten into games with teammates who could carry him when he first started playing ranked. I would usually punish this Darius unless he gave a reason in chat as to why he was doing poorly. Being countered top lane, being consistently ganked, even being outplayed qualify as reasons. If he says this in chat, I will probably vote pardon.

If this Darius is 800 ELO, chances are he didn't feed intentionally. He is just that bad and doesn't know any better. At 800 ELO, scores like this are common. I would only punish this Darius if he admitted in chat to feeding intentionally, or if he was guilty of another offense such as verbal abuse or negative attitude. There's also the high probability that this Darius is on his way down to 500 ELO where he belongs.

Yes, I'm aware that Tribunal cases are based off of more than one game. This is just an example. But I believe that knowing the ELO of the players involved would help in determining intentional feeding cases.