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Reporting gone haywire: people report for EVERYTHING!!!

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I wanted to cross-post this from GD as it was gaining some traction:


These two examples happened to me today

"I said I was going mid you locked mid all report plz. yeah screw you we're reporting whether we win or lose, i hope you get cancer, you were an accidental pregnancy, etc."

-I proceed to carry the game, call a few mias, tell my team I'm honoring them all for playing a good team game.

(here's a link to the game: http://www.twitch.tv/epichuntarz/b/362147435

where the pregame chat carries over into the game-Akali is the worst offender)

"Jungler you took all my blues I'm reporting you (even though I told mid I was taking blues in a non-toxic way)"

-I gank every lane successfully, tell people "gj" when they get kills, say "gg, honor for all" after we stomp the other team, get called "c*nt" "b*tch" "no team cooperation."

I see this happen all the time

**Enemy mid gets pounded by our team, has a really bad game, but just keeps playing it out

"report our mid for unskilled plz"

**Enemy support gets nailed by us every time he steps out to ward, so he stops going out to ward.

"report our support for no wards plz."

What would you guys recommend to Riot to help curb some of this egregious abuse of the report system? They mass suspended a lot of people (me included) last fall for "false reporting" but the problem is just as bad as ever. People abuse the report system-and EVEN IF that person ends up being pardoned, the attitudes of those players are STILL creating a negative environment with the threat of reporting.

I realize with a community of 45 million players, it's just not possible for Riot to handle cases individually, but SOMETHING needs to be done.

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Just ignore them and report them. Acting like that is just bullying and harassment and I know I count it as a strike against players in my cases when they try to use the report system as a tool to bully their teammates. You're absolutely right, they are creating a negative environment and they will likely be the ones banned as a result.

Also, last I heard the Tribunal system does weight the reports of players. So the reports from players that report everyone and clearly abuse the system are worth less to the system than those who don't abuse it.