Game Start-up/Alt Tabbing Issues

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So when champion select is done and I go to loading screen it only loads 1/4 of the screen in my bottom right corner of the desktop only showing the top left 1/4 of the loading screen. I then close Lol and attempt to reconnect to which LoL crashes.

After I restart and log in it will load properly. Any ideas? I just got this laptop which is way more powerful than my old PC which NEVER had one issue with LoL.

Secondly when the game is running it runs smooth and fine, when I Alt Tab down, it will go to my desktop no issue, but when I Alt Tab back to my game it goes to a black screen with my cursor moveable and stays black for 60 seconds (timed) before going back to the game.

I check all my drivers and updated fully. I have no other media or games installed and haven't downloaded anything on the laptop as its fresh reformat. (Aside from required drivers)

Any suggestions or fixes?