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Crucible concept a Jouney out of ELO hell

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while spending an immense amount of unwanted time in the depths of ELO hell, which does exist, I have come to the conclusion that there needs to be an extreme way to at least give players that believe they do not belong at their current ELO, a chance to in a sense to get out of hell.

How could this be accomplished? How does an organization which prides itself on sportsmanship and true competition create a loophole without compromising the integrity of this amazing game and its community? After all the players of this game love league as much as I do because there is no way to get better from money it is all skill, teamwork, experience, and most of all fun.

This community treasures the value of personal skill and that is the basis of my idea to maintain the value of personal skill in a particular area of this game where it seems it has been neglected to roam the baron plains of trollery. :P

The following concerns ranked play only

In "ELO hell" it is no longer just personal skill that can carry you to victory but random chance as well. Numerous times I have carried a team quite well but it would seem not well enough to win because somebody that either lacks the personal skill or is just screwing around in ranked play has made it a battle aginst the grain. It’s these people that are screwing around per say that need to be seperated to allow people that are serious about gaining ELO to play together.

I propose this idea ONLY for players under 1000 ELO

The idea is called “The Crucible” the basis is that one time every 30 days a player can opt to play a three game series with the same 5v5 rules, played on Summoners Rift
Sounds the same
Here’s the catch there is large amounts of ELO up for stake here and not just for the winning team.
The winning team has a chance to win up to 200 ELO and the loosing team has a chance to win up to 50 ELO
The players will be ranked 1-5 on either team on the winning team rank one takes 200 ELO, #2 takes 150 and the remaining three take 100
The loosing team is a different story while still being rated 1-5 all the loosing team players will lose 100 ELO while the 1st ranked player will gain a 50 ELO buffer dropping his or her ELO loss to 50, number 2 will only loose 75 ELO

{{{[[((((((The scale ranking system is does not rank players by kills))))))]]}}}
This way it doesn’t encourage kill stealing
Rather the system will rate a player on his skill
1. Did the player make smart sensible plays i.e. knowing when to fight and when to back off?
2. Did the player use the champion to his or her advantage i.e. if the character is built for an aggressive play style did the summoner play to suit?
3. Did the player have map presence?
4. Did the player work well with the team
5. Did the player play his or her position accordingly?

A 5 person team could still have a less than admirable player in the crucible this is why I suggest that in between the 2nd and 3rd game of the three game series each player on the team must decide on his or her teammates, choosing for each summoner one of the following options: asset, or hindrance
If any given player gets 3 hindrance votes they will be dropped from that team and placed in a consolation pool
If selected as an asset the player will be matched with the other player unless the player that has rated them an asset is decided to be a hindrance. Each team will go through this process
We will get to the dropped players shortly but as for the asset players they will stay on the team and stay with the same teammates (up to 2 teammates so 3 total) the empty space from dropped players will be filled by other asset players in groups of 2 or vise versa
This new team will compete again against the same team as the first game that has gone through the same process
After the game the process repeats itself claiming assets and hindrances

The hindrances are then placed on a new team and compete in a second game
After that game assets and hindrances are claimed
Then they compete in the third match

This process should by the second or third game bring the highest skill players together against the highest skill opposing players
Medium skill players will be matched with medium skilled players
And the lower skilled players will face players of similar skill level
This should in effect make the crucible quite challenging for everyone as is the idea with so much ELO at stake
series that make it to the 3rd game with players that have been claimed as assets 2 times should in this system be long and extremely challenging games but at the same time paying out the highest reward

I’m sure the first thought is who will rate these games because they will have to be watched play by play to rate summoners

The answer is quite simple actually

With over 70 million summoner accounts
And 12 million active players per day there will be too many games and no way to asses them all
With 12 million people on line in a day I can only speculate to the number of games played I’m sure riot could help me out with soma actual figures but for now we guess
12/24=2 meaning 2 million people play each hour cycling 2 mil at a time
We’re going to assume that out of the 70 million accounts 50mil are primary accounts and of those 40mil are level 30 and playing ranked matches.
Of those 40 million 15million are in “ELO HELL” 1000 ELO or below
So this concept applies to roughly 15 million people or 4.66% of the LOL population
70/15=4.66 so 4.66%

Now we go with the ratios
Games typically last 30-45 min but for sake of argument we will say 1 hr given that there are 720 hrs in 30 days
Then we take our 2 million per hour and find 4.66%= 93,200 players that are below 1000 ELO play per hour
Then to find how many will be starting a crucible per hour 93,000/720=129.4 people will start a crucible per hour we then multiply by 2.5 assuming that 50% of the series will last 2 games and 50% will last 3 games
129.4*2.5=323.5 or 324 man hours to of watching games to be able to asses’ players.
Still seems out of reach
Well let’s consolidate, it really only takes one person to rate both teams in a game so
324/10=32.4 or 32 man hours of watching games per hour
Basically it takes 32 people to asses all the games necessary if they are regulated to so that there isn’t a huge rush of players starting crucibles at any given time or none at all
To regulate Allow players to register for a place in line all it takes is a simple signup sheet online so I sign up for the crucible at 4:00pm on august 5th and then allow only 150 slots per hour
Because it is only available once every 30 days it limits the ELO jumps and abuse of the system along with the fact that it will not grant you easy entry into higher tiers it will only bring you back to ground level faster for those that earn it, above 1000 ELO a player is on their own again
CREATED by conerrtagi iounrj on this 30th day of January 2013

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