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[Platform][Minor] Veteran emblem showing occassionally instead of Recruit

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This one is a bit difficult to pin down, but I am sometimes seeing Veteran emblems appearing where a Recruit emblem should be. The Veteran emblem when moused over shows a Recruit tooltip, but the Veteran badge is displayed. Switching screens and moving back seems to have little effect on it, as the same random summoner will still show as having the badge for 1-2 minutes. It will then show the correct icon. It appears to be something to do with an update, where occasionally a seemingly random summoner will appear with the veteran icon for a time, then be replaced with the proper icon.

I am still watching it to see if I find the pattern, but I have attached a screenshot. It's a little hard to read since it didn't print the mouse pointer, but the pointer is over the veteran symbol, the tooltip always appears down-right from the mouse pointer.

- The summoner appears to be random. I have seen summoners with the glitch that weren't in the promotion series for one.

In addition I noticed I can only scroll to #44 in the League list. However, the scroll bar seems to act like I should be able to scroll down to #100.