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[Game][Minor] Steel Legion Garen occasionally stops spinning during Judgement

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Priority: Minor

Description: While playing a test game against bots (I was the only human player) I ran into the jungle and used Judgement on the double golems. In the middle of the animation Garen stopped spinning for a split second but then continued to spin. The electricity effect surrounding him continued the entire time as did the sounds.

I tried this on another camp and it happened again in the wraith camp. However, I tried this again once they both respawned and it he spun the entire length of Judgement. It also happened once while casting it on minions.

I was level 7 with a Doran's Shield and 2 Doran's blades. I was maxing Q first but I think I had Judgement at Rank 2 at the time.

Reproduction steps:
1) Level 7 Garen with the above items while using the Steel Legion Garen skin
2) Rank 2 Judgement
3) Cast on jungle camps or minions
4) Do NOT move while casting Judgement
5) Noticed it about 3-4 times during the game.

Maybe he gets tired doing a lightning swirlie in all that armor.