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repost from general

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Going to break down each case down one by one, in my point of view, to the best of my memory.

Tribunal Case #1:

Mindset into the game was farming into a semi carry ganking Ad sion, with high lifesteal ,life from the skill passive, and attack speed. The game went bad for our team and we didn't get into the later parts of the game that well.

"Sion [00:01:55] \smiteless pls
Sion [00:02:09] ty"

Asked for a smiteless to get through the jungle asap and farm as fast as possible

"Sion [All] [00:28:10] gg w
Taric [All] [00:28:11] gg wp
Sion [All] [00:28:12] gg wp"

Said gg wp, that is when we surrendered.

Be sure to read chat because the team accused me of a lot of things, and that should be noted. In my eyes, it was all poor gameplay. I wasn't trying to intentionally feed.

Final Score: 0/5/3

Tribunal Case #2:

This game was messy from the beginning. I stated in the chat that I was going mid, as ap ezreal. I stated this 3 times. My mindset into this game was going to be early mana with 1 point into q, and trying to harass my opponent out of lane/trade 1v1 and go for teleport revive plays, and having a lot of mana regen helps that so i can clear waves then teleport. At the champ select Ahri didn't realize I was going mid, and picked Ahri. I stated IN champion select I was going to still go mid, and stated my opinion on AD Ahri.

"Ezreal [00:01:04] ad ahri is legit
Ahri [00:01:04] lol
Ahri [00:01:09] ima get ownded
Ezreal [00:01:10] ive played is alot
Ezreal [00:01:11] no
Ezreal [00:01:13] its really good
Tryndamere [00:01:13] he's ap if you dont see
Ezreal [00:01:19] no hes utility
Ahri [00:01:23] y not just trade
Ezreal [00:01:24] its mixed damage
Tryndamere [00:01:27] 16 ap..
Nautilus [00:01:36] help me with wolves?
Ezreal [00:01:38] its fine to be ap runes"

This is Ahri and Ezreal (me) talking about my decision not to go bottom, and that he will be fine as ad bottom, because Ahri has good trading utility with her charm.

"Nautilus [00:04:20] you seemed zoned ez
Nautilus [00:04:20] lol
Ezreal [00:04:26] nah"

Nautilus saying I look zoned, Perhaps I was missing skillshots or getting hit by obvious ones, I do not remember exactly.

"Ezreal [00:10:31] lay down a ward int he bushes
Ezreal [00:10:34] ill tp"

Offering to TP to help a bottom lane that was losing. Be sure to read chat in between this because its a huge argument.

"Ezreal [00:12:03] relax, just play we have a chance
Ezreal [00:12:16] our teamright is waybetter"

I was commenting on how our team fight was way better, and we are still in it to boost team moral, which was at a very low point.

"Ezreal [00:12:57] i have language filter on, what did you say?"

"Thresh [00:14:05] omfg
Nautilus [00:14:09] did u walk back?
Nautilus [00:14:11] loool
Ezreal [00:14:13] ya sorry
Thresh [00:14:14] yup
Thresh [00:14:16] jesus
Ezreal [00:14:18] this is my first game with thresh
Nautilus [00:14:24] as ez also?
Thresh [00:14:24] i hate people
Thresh [00:14:25] i really do
Tryndamere [00:14:29] you're not even palying threst
Ezreal [00:14:38] no i mean using the lantern"

First game playing with thresh, I miss clicked the lantern and I took a ton of damage.

"Ezreal [00:14:38] no i mean using the lantern
Thresh [00:14:42] watch
Tryndamere [00:14:42] .....
Thresh [00:14:42] ez
Thresh [00:14:43] look
Thresh [00:14:47] ITS PRETTY ****ING SIMPLE
Thresh [00:14:49] COME HERE
Ezreal [00:14:53] no
Thresh [00:14:57] LOOK HOW SIMPLE IT IS
Ezreal [00:14:57] i didnt know what it looked like
Nautilus [00:15:02] so ez
Thresh [00:15:03] IT LOOKS
Thresh [00:15:05] LIKE A LANTERN
Nautilus [00:15:06] you rather throw the game
Ahri [00:15:07] it is simple we r down like 10 k
Thresh [00:15:08] SEE
Nautilus [00:15:08] than trade?
Tryndamere [00:15:09] n o wonder you droped
Thresh [00:15:10] THE ****ING THING
Thresh [00:15:11] YEA
Thresh [00:15:13] RIGHT CLICK IT
Thresh [00:15:15] EASY
Ezreal [00:15:23] you gotta relax man"

Long after math, same comment as before.

"Ezreal [All] [00:18:53] im not trolling, just poor performance, sorry everyone!"

Apologizing after team was complaining in all chat to both teams.

"Ezreal [All] [00:20:10] Gg wp mid panth"

Said GG

Final score: 1/8/1

Tribunal Case #3:

Played as Syndra mid, going into the game my mindset was to go for a tankier syndra using on use items, so I could hopefully hit a squishy ad or ap with my ult, and survive a kat ult. I was also building a muramana and a dfg. Picked heal as a summoner for hopefully more survivability

"Shaco [00:03:04] where is syndra?
Syndra [00:04:03] sorry all
Olaf [00:04:08] -.-
Syndra [00:04:08] dropped some stuff"

Dropped something and had to clean it up, was afk for 4 minutes of the game. No excuse for this.

"Graves [00:14:57] what you making, syndra?
Syndra [00:15:09] zhonyas"

Graves asking my build and I said what I was doing, would of went more in depth if he asked.

"Syndra [All] [00:30:32] Gg"

Said gg.

Make sure to read the tribunal case on this chat for what my team accuses me of, once again i'm going to state its poor performance and I am in no way intentionally feeding.

Final score: 1/13/4

We actually won this game. Our graves was very good, and fed.

Tribunal Case #4:

In this game I was playing Ap Ezreal again, going for a lich bane rush with a haunting guise for a little bit of survivability. I chose lcihbane because rabadons has been nerfed and I wanted to test it out.

"Maokai [00:07:46] eza blue
Maokai [00:08:12] wanna just ult it?
Ezreal [00:08:18] n
Maokai [00:08:21] k
Ezreal [00:08:31] ty
Graves [00:08:56] ahhh
Ezreal [00:08:57] "

Maokai giving me blue, me responding.

"Maokai [00:19:00] ez is just feeding lee on purpose now
Ezreal [00:19:06] i am not"

I was playing vs a lee mid and doing quite bad, that's why I built the guise. The mid laner I was playing vs completely dominated me.

"Gangplank [All] [00:20:09] man v monster D:
Maokai [00:20:28] wellp gg
Maokai [All] [00:20:36] gg
Maokai [All] [00:20:39] mid
Taric [All] [00:21:06] did you even come bot?
Ezreal [All] [00:21:15] i didnt realize i was playing singleplayer"

I don't know what I meant by this, I think I was saying that they were saying it was just lee vs me, not a jungler. That is just what comes to mind but i am not 100% certain.

"Olaf [All] [00:25:02] damn your ez is feeding hard
Maokai [All] [00:25:04] report him please
Cho'Gath [00:25:10] ezreal stoip
Cho'Gath [00:25:12] 0/8
Cho'Gath [00:25:13] stop
Ezreal [All] [00:25:14] having a bad game "

"Maokai [All] [00:25:31] hes sitting at --- hp and wont go back when pinged
Maokai [All] [00:26:29] see?
Maokai [All] [00:26:35] he blinks onto the tower
Maokai [All] [00:26:44] to die
Ezreal [00:26:48] can you just leave me alone please"

Asked Maokai to leave me alone, and didn't say it in all, did not want to cause more commotion.

That was my last comment of the game, once again please read the whole chat log I didn't put all the team chat in this post to make it shorter.

Final score: 1/11/2

Final Tribunal case:

This game I played a lux mid, picked teleport and was going to try to make big plays with Jax. My build was going to be tear->guise/sorc->rabadon->voidstaff I was playing vs a Kayle mid I believe and it was my first time playing vs kayle mid as I'm out of practice. Kayle absolutely dominated me.

"Jax [00:08:43] please
Jax [00:08:47] stay away from top
Jax [00:08:56] you should've just taken flash and backed off
Lux [00:09:10] you dove
Jax [00:09:11] i think i just lost lane again
Lux [00:09:14] and you're yelling at me"

I tp gank top lane and try to gank, and Jax never backs off, soI assumed we're diving. End result was we both died. No one in particulars fault, just a mistake.

"Udyr [00:11:59] pretty sure lux is trolling
Lux [00:12:10] why
Sivir [00:12:11] he might just have a low iq"

"Jax [00:14:17] lux
Jax [00:14:19] please stop feeding mid
Lux [00:14:26] im trying, sorry"

"Jax [00:15:51] you have no ap, even
Jax [00:16:01] you should rush chalice into grail on lux
Jax [00:16:04] not tear
Nunu [00:16:21] im lagged
Jax [00:16:21] especially against kayle
Jax [00:16:27] you need the mr
Lux [00:16:31] wasnt aware there was a rulebook"

Jax trying to tell me theres a set build for lux, and I couldn't build as I pleased.

"Jax [00:16:36] there isnt
Nunu [00:16:37] i got trolled by league
Jax [00:16:40] im trying to give you advice
Jax [00:16:42] to help you
Udyr [00:16:47] i'm getting trolled by lux
Nunu [00:16:47] ****ing attempt to reconnect
Lux [00:16:56] you're very rude, thats all.
Jax [00:17:03] me?
Lux [00:17:04] yes
Jax [00:17:10] like what
Udyr [00:17:12] I asked you why you are backing at level 4 with full hp, you didn't respond
Udyr [00:17:29] why are you backing right now?
Lux [00:17:50] if you are trying to give advice
Lux [00:17:58] try not to be conescending
Jax [00:18:24] its one thing to lose lane
Jax [00:18:29] idc if you're behind on cs
Jax [00:18:34] but when you feed mid
Jax [00:18:39] and you cant do anything against her roaming
Jax [00:18:43] and you lose tower
Jax [00:18:48] what do you want me to say
Nunu [00:18:58] nothing just play
Udyr [00:19:07] Lux, for future information don't ever back at full hp early game.
Lux [00:19:07] im receptive to advice, but you dont have to be rude."

Jax and I conversing over him telling me what to build. Didn't report him for being rude, just was trying to be nice and apologetic.

"Lux [All] [00:27:02] Gg wp
Teemo [All] [00:27:04] make sense
Nunu [00:27:52] lux tower jeez
Sivir [All] [00:28:31] oh no lux died
Jax [All] [00:28:48] i could've sworn flash was up
Teemo [All] [00:28:55] well thats just too bad
Jax [All] [00:29:33] gg
Lee Sin [All] [00:29:42] haha
Sivir [00:29:44] lol udyr
Sivir [All] [00:29:49] gg
Udyr [All] [00:29:50] does it matter?
Udyr [All] [00:29:57] gg
Teemo [All] [00:29:58] yeah
Nunu [All] [00:29:59] bg
Lux [All] [00:30:00] ggp wp"

Said gg.

This game wasnt too bad in my opinion, everyone did pretty bad I'd say.

Final Score: 2/13/2

Final Thoughts:

I'd love to hear opinions now that I have revamped the op, be sure to read every tribunal case and read every word of the chat to get both perspectives to give an accurate opinion. I'll try to read the thread a lot if anyone has questions about the cases i'll answer them to my best, honest ability.


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Nothing at all that warrants reporting or banning. You were polite and admited you were having a bad game. Your scores aren't great but theres nothing to prove intentional feeding because you only said nice things in chat. We all have bad games...

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Senior Member


Your the kind of subtle troll that tries to get to the limits and ther voting community and Riot were able to look beyond your feigned innocence.
There are cases in which I agree that they were falsely punished. Yours is not one of those, especially since Riot investigated your account as well.

Your case may look innocent to some, but I see several signs that show otherwise. Your thread in the GD has explained most of them already.

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Senior Member


Umm... Yeah... o.0

I would have pardoned this case.

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Senior Member


lol. did you really think you would get an overturn from wookie or lyte with your recent ranked games? your trolling is too obvious. give it up.

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not trolling, just bad.

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Senior Member


Extremely bad, but I don't really get the trolling vibe.
I bet 100% this would have been a pardon if it weren't for game 2.

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Senior Member


You guys are falling for a troll.

It's obvious in the way he talks. And his title for his General thread is "Permabanned for being polite"

He's just trying to make some sort of point he thinks he needs to make.

Don't forget to even get to the point of permaban, he would have had to have a big history of toxicity.

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bump i have improved my behavior drastically i do not feel this is deserved

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Senior Member


Such an obvious troll. Read past the purple text people. Look at the troll builds. Look at the teammates reactions to his activity in chat. There are multiple instances where the chat will draw attention to him purposely dying. Then what follows is his trollish sarcastic remarks.

EZ punish.