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Random friend invites every time i logg in and champion screen broken.

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So i been having this problem that every single time i log in to the game, i get a bunch of random people adding me to their friend list.

I mean i don't even know this people, i got my group of friends and i rarely add new people, so I'm worried that my account is hacked or something.

on top of that, i been having the other problem that, every time i get to the champion select screen the client gets all black, and i can only see the edges of the client, so i can't choose champions or change runes or do anything and i just can't find a way to fix that.

oh i almost forgot to tell you guys this too.
I get this error message when i try to join custom games, or even some times when i try to join ranked games or normal games. (See attachment)

Please someone help me fix this. i seriously have no idea what to do, i even formated my PC yesterday thinking that maybe i had some corrupted files but nothing works.


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bump ^