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In Game Lag spikes(Co-op vrs AI)

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Kryptonian Angel



I have only played one game so far on the PBE and it was 10 minutes ago. During the game I myself and others in the game got intermittent lag spikes. the screen would freeze for a moment and then a moment later it would catch up to what had and was happening. This was happening for others in the same game so I know it is not a local issue. I also turned down my video settings (something I dont have to do on live) and it still had no effect.

I was testing the co-op vrs AI to see the bots talk and because when I made my account I was not given enough RP and IP to buy 16 champs so I am unable to test the leagues till I farm more IP or get more distributed from RIOT in the next wave.

I just wanted to share what I experienced and to see if others are having the same issue.

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Steven Segal

Senior Member


i just played 3 back to back ai games and there was spikes in which i dc'd in each only happened once.
it seems to happen only once. Its not my internet im the only one on my line and there seems to be more than just me in each game that dc's.