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PvP.Kernel and why I won't be back until it's fixed

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Greetings fellow Summoners,

I have played League of Legends for more than two years, have played nearly 2000 normal games, have almost achieved gold in two seasons of LoL playing.
I enjoy playing the game, even with trolls. They make losses funnier sometimes...

However, it's when I don't know if my game will actually start that I get frustrated. And then when I try 123896127381624 fixes, and still nothing works, that I have to finally decide it's just not worth it. I've spent money, too much money, but the sheer amount of frustration and time put it to trying to make the game WORK 95% of the time, and only 5% of the time being able to play... It's just not worth it.

Until RIOT can promise me 99% of the time that my game will actually load and work, then I'm done. DotA 2 it is for me.
When the best fix for a problem is to wait it out, you know you have a problem.