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@Riot Badges/banners.

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I have 120 honorable opponent and I have had the badge since i had 50ish, I also have 150 teamwork badges, why don't I have the team work badge??

Someone please help

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According to everything I've seen about the Honor system, it's not about # of honors you have, but rather a mix of:

Who honored you
-Are they super honorable themselves?
-Is this the first and only time they've honored you?

How many games you play that you earn honor in
-Did you play 100 games and get honored 100 times?
-Did you play 100 games and get honored only 10 times?

You have to be honored frequently (or, if I'm not mistaken, have a pretty significant ratio of honor "points" to games played"

Lastly, Are you receiving honor in more that 1 category? According to Lyte, you won't earn the Teamwork ribbon from just teamwork honors, it's a bit of a mix between that and the other categories. This goes for all categories (except Honorable Opponent)

It's a mix of all those different factors, and possibly some other ones that I'm not aware of, that decide if you earn a ribbon or not.