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I'm so tired of this

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Okay so before you read this, know that this is about a game I played in which the entire ally team reported me for no reason.

So we were in the champion selection and someone took mid, which is what I usually play. Then I chose hecarim (which is a very strong top), and at the last second, they told me to jungle. The literal last second of the champion select, which didn't give me enough time to switch to smite. So then in the game, we played until 20 and surrendered. During this time they kept complaining cause we didn't have a jungler. They kept calling me bad and an idiot, and "This f***". Later on in the game (around 15 minutes in), I look and see that they completely were going 0-5 and 0-7. I'm going 2-2, because my garen top lane was going 0-7. I was the only positive player in the game. They then tell the enemy team to report me because they are mad that they are doing so bad, since "I didn't jungle", but I simply wasn't told early enough to do it (and I never have played jungle before, so it was their fault in the first place). The enemy team realizes that i'm not doing anything wrong at all, and they say that my teammates are feeding. This doesn't change my team's mind, and after the game, where they went so badly negative in terms of deaths, they end up reporting me. This leaves me once again, with a probability of getting another warning from the tribunal, cause I called them idiots for singling me out because they didn't warn me to jungle. I'm tired of the bull **** and poor quality of this community. You need to fix this RIOT. I'm already on a warning right now because of the fact that this has happened before to me, and I only got the warning because I swore at my team. It's their fault in the first place. I already purchase RP, play nice with my teammates (unless they single me out like it's been happening a lot lately), and help new players out. I don't wanna get banned because other people do poorly.

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