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"How did I get banned?!?!"

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There's a bit of psychology to the whole: "Why did I get banned?!" and "Tribunal is spam punish b/c they are idiots and children!" mentality.

The problem begins when a player assumes that their behavior is acceptable no matter what they are doing. (I used to see a lot of this while I was teaching) Their thought process is: “I wasn’t doing anything wrong. This person is doing this because they don’t like me.” Instead of focusing on their behavior, they shift the blame to someone else. At that point, they try to look for justification.

“See this is why I did what I did. It’s not my fault it’s ABC.” They shift the blame to other players, to the Tribunal, the community etc. You could probably run some kind of observational experiments to see who was the most likely to reform and who was most likely to continue to be toxic. However, odds are anyone who shifts the blame away won’t reform until they decide to accept that it is their responsibility to affect change, and not someone else’s.

This is one of the many reasons why the Reform Card is so effective. It says, in black and white (that is green, red and purple) what the offender did to receive their punishment. This weeds out the people who didn’t understand their behavior was inappropriate from those who blame others. A person who made a mistake, or lost their cool learns from the Reform Card and works to change their behavior. The person who shifts blame comes here and shouts at everyone because, in their minds, it’s our fault.