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Losing streak, LF tips/mentor

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I recently started maining talon and I was doing really well with him yesterday. Winning and carrying 100% of my games.


Late at night yesterday, and today I've been on a losing streak and every single game there's just some kind of troll. I've been so frustrated, I make a lot more mistakes, and everyone keeps calling me a troll for picking talon mid. No one ever wants to play any sort of AP and most of my games have been ALL AD teams. It's beyond frustrating because I usually dominate my lane and gank all lanes to snowball harder. I don't believe in elo hell, but recently in all my games, my teammates fed and trolled to the point where It's impossible to carry at my current skill level.

I'm looking for someone to mentor me, answer my questions, and teach me how to recognize the mistakes that I make and the players in my elo bracket make. I want to be able to capitalize on them more effectively/snowball harder.

Preferably 1800+ since that is my goal this season, but I welcome help from anyone that is willing to teach me. Feel free to add me.

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My main was Talon for ages, though with season 3 I haven't done a lot of games. If need someone to teach you, I am willing, but I never got past 1780 in season 2.