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tired of trolls

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Hey guys i've been playing Lol for like 5-6 months and i would like to say that im tired of all of this trolls . I know that i can report them but then what? They probably going to keep trolling and some of us don't have that much time in our hands . I would like to specify in ranks It's either mid or i feed AND BOOM hes feeding .I know im not the best player i know im average BUT im trying really hard and i hate it when people just feed for no other reason . I try never to rage to be impolite BUT after a while it's gets too frustrating .Then beeing like stop feeding and you will mostly hear swears about your familly . I think riot should do something about it and fast because i love league of legends BUT THIS MUST STOP . In my opinion we should try and get people more trained .I think the new ranking system will fix somethings but not all.So RIOT HELP

(PS sorry about my English not my first language) ;p