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Is volibear a good champ?

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Not sure if anyone will read this or not, but Volibear was my first champion to be seriously played and I think I can shed some insight on using Volibear.

Basically I play Volibear in 2 ways, either top lane, or bottom lane as a support tank.

Top lane Volibear plays relatively well as long as you're not facing someone who can easily poke you. I play him as a bottom lane support because his abilities actually pair him nicely with say, Ashe. You rush out of a bush with his Q, which increases his movement speed while charging at an enemy, and it tosses your target over Volibear once reached (if you reach them which sometimes you don't). Once the target has been tossed, you're Ashe can use her slowing arrows while you're auto-attacking the target to do some nice damage. Once Volibear has used 3 or more auto attacks regardless of target, he can use his Ravage ability (I believe it is his W) which works as an execute. It does more damage with the more bonus health Volibear has and the lesser the health of the enemy target, meaning, you want to use this once a target dips low in health to get more damage out of the ability. It makes a great move to finish targets off but playing as a support tank you'd want to use it somewhat early to try to allow your carry to easily get the kill to feed them, while you get a nice assist.

As far as gameplay for Volibear goes, it really depends on how much the other team knows about Volibear. If the other team knows you can toss people over yourself to allow your team to demolish someone, odds are they'll ensure you don't get that opportunity. Especially against an enemy Alistar, he will usually Ram you backwards if you try to use your Q as an engaging ability.

Also, as Volibear maxes his Ultimate, it tends to have a short enough cooldown where you can pretty much use it for nearly anything, 1v1 fighting, minion farming (larger groups), and team fights. And also use his E to slow down escaping enemies.

His Passive is GREAT. In early laning Volibear has trouble last hitting without getting poked by the enemy, and his Passive can be used to counter this. Each time it is up, if your enemy hits you enough to dip you below 30% health, it will easily bring you right back up to 50%ish. Just try to basically have the enemy trigger your passive, and escape so that they don't further damage you. I know that it wont be entirely that great because of a 3 minute internal cooldown but it could bait enemies into attacking you while they "think" you have low health while in actuality when they attack you, you'll be able to defeat them if you can beat them in the time it takes them to kill you with you're nice heal going off.

Some of Volibears gameplay does has some flaws though. For one, Volibear is a melee ONLY champion. NONE of his abilities are designed to hit targets at a distance, except his Ultimate. If you are near an enemy champion, and you attack a minion with Volibears Ult up, the lighting strikes favor enemy champions, but this is incredibly hard to pick up kills.

Volibear also is limited to his escape mechanics, meaning he can only use his E so slow enemies for a short duration, and then use his Q to increase his movement speed. It may sound like it would work decently, but odds are you wont be able to really escape a bad situation without having Flash.

When it comes to countering Volibear, there are a few things to look out for. Knowing when Volibears passive is up can be very useful as you can plan ahead to use Ignite, or blow a major cooldown to finish him off. Ignite works quite well on Volibears passive because it reduces the actual healing by a significant amount while ALSO suppressing the amount being healed by damaging Volibear.

When it comes to finishing off a Volibear in a fight, keep in mind that his escape mechanics are VERY limited, odds are he will not be able to escape you without the use of a Flash or getting near a turret.

Also remember that the lower in health you are, the more likely you are to lose to a Volibear, simply because his Ravage is a great executing ability.

And as far as gearing goes for Volibear, he goes GREAT with all tanky items, attack speed items, and Cooldown Reduction.

I usually build him with Mercury's treads, Warmogs, Spirit Visage, Frozen Heart, Frozen Mallet, Guardian Angel/Wits End/Nashor's Tooth.

Basically I like early game health, the spirit Visage has nice Magic Resist along with a boost to volibears passive, the Frozen heart is good for team fights as well as blocking bruisers from wrecking you, the frozen mallet is nice with its health and its ability to slow down enemies constantly for your team, and the last item is situational. The guardian angel is nice for its Magic Resist and Armor and it's effect if you want to be more tanky, Wits end is a great item as it helps to reduce damage from AP champions and it increases your damage. Also dont be afraid to get an Atma's Impaler instead of this, as all the bonus health items make Atma's very worth having. And Nashor's tooth is nice as it has a Attack Speed boost, AD and AP boost which Volibear all takes advantage of while his ult is up, dealing fast AD and AP damage.

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I like how they sneaked in a nice buff to his BASE attack speed. That cascades the power of his W and tries to compensate for the overall nerf to attack speed items.

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thanks for all the info. I find laning with someone who has high dps works well. A pantheon is a great combo because he can be ranged kinda and has high dps so when the enemy facechecks the bush at lvl 1 i flip em and are damage is high enough to usually get first blood right of the bat. Also someone with a heavy stun works great like elise because even when she stuns them, you can still flip them and once the stun is gone you slow them, all while clawing at them to get that ravage. It's amazing. I honestly don't know why hes not used more often.