Grandpa Zeke, the Toymaker

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A budding concept, will be adjusting, adding and modifying this from time to time. It's something that sprang to mind and I wanted to get this submitted somewhere at least.

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Grandpa Zeke, the Toymaker

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

General Details

Role: Support, Tanky AP
Theme: Clockwork Mechanisms, Toys
Defining Traits: Deployables, Full Ally, Vision Provider
Autoattack: Slingshot, or slingshot gun, ranged.
Release Skin: Polished Zeke, where the toys are silvery and more modern. Marble popper's little pebbles for example, would be replaced with a mini laser.


[Q] Marble Popper: Sends out a miniature tank to travel in a line. It will attack targets within range while traversing the path, and will die when it reaches the end. The tank has its own vision field.

[W] StopCopter ZX: Sends out a miniature spherical helicopter in a line, which detonates upon contact with a champion or when reaching the end of its path. Explosion will stun or blind enemies within range and reveal the area for a few seconds.

[E] Biteybot: Tosses a bitey toy robot at target enemy. The bite poisons the enemy, causing damage over time, and the robot will leap to a new target if one comes within range. Can hit a maximum of 4 targets, and reveals them as long as the toy is attached. Lifespan of 3 seconds.

[R] Toy Scout: Deploys a toy soldier which can be directed to move to a target location by pressing the R key. This toy is not bound to Zeke and can move as far away from him as he pleases, but needs to be wound up again after taking a certain amount of steps. When destroyed, the toy will respawn in 100/80/60 seconds.

Level 1: Deploys soldier. Grants vision to allies.
Level 2: Equips a toy sword for melee attacks.
Level 3: Equips a toy gun for ranged attacks.


Still working things out, this is not a finalised concept.