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Champion concept: Gilgamesh the king of arms

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Gilgamesh the king of arms:
he is a beefy champion that excels in harass and long range fighting.he has a feeling of a holy king in his look. His personality is very cocky,thinking all of the other champions are beneath his holy stature. he is able to attack from a range or deal damage in close quarters.

Lore: Gilgamesh was born the son to the king of the holy province of Demacia known as lights crossing. being born of royalty meant that nothing was denied to him. He was taught by the best instructors of demacia in the ways of political negotiation and proper etiquette of a person of royalty.However Gilgamesh had different plans.

Hearing about the war efforts and stories intrigued him far more than sucking up to the headstrong Demacian prince ever could. Attest to his fathers pleas he demanded to learn the way of combat, when a renowned warrior trainer was brought to the place Gilgamesh was then asked what type of weapon he would like to specialize in Gilgamesh responded "all of them".

Gilgamesh grew into one of the greatest fighters demacia has ever know, matter not what style of combat he was challenged to he always came out the victor, his largest claim to fame though is when he defeated the renowned fighter fiora in a duel.

On his 18th birthday Gilgameshes father gave him 4 legendary weapons made from the best weapon smiths in all of Demacia. these 4 weapons where known as Gilean the holy spear,Zantetsuken the gutter,Mecklatyer the holy scepter,and Fury's Touch.Gilgamesh treasured these weapons and carried them wherever he went, but soon after Gilgamesh felt the urge to own more and more weapons. He then challenged all of the best fighters in Demacia fighting duels where the winner takes the opponents weapon. in only 2 years he collected a staggering amount of weapons, all which he treated with the utmost care.

On his 21st birthday he awoke to panicked cries of terror. Gilgamesh found out soon after that his father was murdered by bandits in the night. Soon after Gilgamesh tracked down the main camp of the bandits and destroyed it entirely, there he met someone who could truly be a worthy opponent, the leader of the bandits and Gilgamesh fought for hours on end trying to best each other,the bandit captain had a strange object that seemed to let him control multiple weapons at once. on the 13th hour of combat and both near death Gilgamesh managed to throw his sword Zantetsuken the gutter into teh chest of teh bandit captain killing him. when the bandit king fell a strange urg filled him to possess the orb the former bandit possessed.The moment he touched the orb he felt a power flow through him that he never felt before, suddenly his four legendary weapons as well as all the weapons in teh area danced in the air humming silently when suddenly a hymn flowed through the air chanting "the king of blades has been chosen".

Soon after Gilgamesh separated from the pact of Demacia declaring lights crossing an independent nation. Jarvan iv was furious calling Gilgamesh a traitor and immediatly amassed an army to dethrone the "traitor king". When the forces of demacia reached the path through the mountains there stood not an army, but one man; Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh then shouted "you shall not tread on the land of the true king" suddenly the sky glowed a golden crimson and down rained thousands of weapons upon the army, no one could even get within arrow distance of Gilgamesh as hundreds of men fell. defeated the army retreated home.

Soon after the defense of lights crossing Gilgamesh got wind of a mystical battleground for heroes to test there metal, He was also told of many legendary weapons these champions possessed."its time for these fools to face the wrath of a true king".

passive: Weapon of the king
At level six he has a choice of choosing one of four weapons that he cannot change from the store. each weapon has its own special attributes that will contribute to to the way he is played. Each buff that this passive gives will increase with ultimate level

Weapon #1:Gilean the holy spear: this spear will give a boost to the range of all his abilities. 75/150/230

Weapon #2:Zantetsuken the gutter:this sword will give a bleed effect on all attacks he does, this does not stack. bleed damage persists through 5 seconds doing 150/300/400 true damage.

Weapon #3:Mecklatyer the holy scepter : this staff will increase ability power

Weapon #4: Fury's Touch:this axe will increase the attack damage of the champion by 25/50/75


Q:Kings radiance: Gilgamesh empowers himself with the power of light in a dazzling glow. Enemy champions hit in line of radiance are blinded for 1.5/2.5/3.5 seconds and are inflicted with 75/125/200/275/375 magic damage.cd time:18/16/14/11/9 seconds. slows the champion(s) hit by 50% for 2 seconds.
Cost 55/75/85/110/140

W:Skyfall: calls a sword down from the sky impacting the ground dealing 150/200/250/300/450(plus 90% of ability power) magic damage(works like brands pillar of flame). CD time: 20/17/15/13/11

E: Fury of the king: increases Gilgameshes attack speed by 100/125/150/175/200% for 4 seconds.while fury of the king is active he is unable to be taunted. CD time: 15/13/11/9/8/
Cost:50/65/75/85/85 mana

R:Rain of retribution: Gilgamesh unleashes chaos calling all of his weapons to be summoned and rain from the sky for 2.5/3.5/4.5 dealing 150/375/450(+70% ability power each second to champions inside the area of effect. on hit effects are applied. CD time: 110/90/80 seconds.


your thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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Your numbers are obscene. Fix them, we can't take this thing seriously when you have 400 TRUE damage applied on EVERY attack. Same as people told you when you posted this in GD.

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Lore wise, ALL Demacians join the military, especially nobles. He wouldn't have to beg to be sent to war, they'd outright throw him. In addition, most people don't get 4 legendary weapons. There tends to not be many lying around. All in all your champion reads like self-insert fanfiction, tone it down. Jarvan IV is the crown prince of all of Demacia, and he's just a dude, for all intents and purposes.

A melee champion cannot excel at long-range fighting. Otherwise they'd just be a ranged champion.

Passive is completely excessive. 230 range increase to all abilities (especially when you've given no base ranges to anything) is just silly, and I can only imagine it also applies to autoattacks. 400 true damage over 5 seconds is still 400 true damage. That's an extra 80 true damage per second. 75 AP is kind of laughable in comparison, especially seeing as this guy is supposed to be a fighter (maybe? At this point I can't even tell.) Attack damage items are half as efficient as AP items for a reason: Attack damage is applies to autoattacks, AP isn't. 75 AP and 75 AD are not equal trades.

3.5 second blind, 50% slow, no scaling on damage. Yeah, this is a complete ability.

450 +90% AP damage on a skill is crazy OP for a non-ultimate. For comparison, Brand (A dedicated ubermage) deals 75 / 120 / 165 / 210 / 255 (+ 60% AP) magic damage with his Pillar of Flame.

200% attack speed steroid is also stupid OP. For comparison, Fiora gains 120% at max rank, and again, she's a dedicated carry, not a hybrid character (I think your character is a hybrid character. I can't honestly tell.)

Lets see. By my math he has an ult that deals 2025 (+315% AP) magic damage. That's, what's the term I'm looking for...oh, right, CRAZY OP. Seriously. Did you even look at the wiki before writing anything? Because interestingly enough, there's a wiki, with numbers and everything you can use for reference.

Poorly formatted, poorly designed, poorly written and highly egotistical lore...yeah. Can't find a single salvageable thing here.