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It me, or does the new SoulStealer look crappy.

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Old Mejai's was 70 AP at the start for 1800 gold or so.

Deathfire is 65AP for 2610.

True, but deathfire more than makes up for the AP deficit for most champions.

For example, if you have 3 nukes with a 1-1 AP ratio, then 75 ap (And that takes a while) will add 225 damage when you cast all 3. A Deathfire will add 250 damage on a 1000 HP hero, and 500 damage on a 2000 HP hero, not to mention the other stats which rule.

True the deathfire is only once per minute on a single target, but often exploding a single target as fast as possible is a casters main objective.

Ideally we'd have old soulstealer back so you could use both.

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I wouldn't want to see a restore mana on hit item, because that would change the dynamic of a lot of characters, and mean things like, singed with perma poison ;3

An on death mana restore would be highly covetted by myself, especially with an AP boost built in. However snowball items currently lose too much of a charge on death, or at least max out too late with too little provided early on. It's a massive investment with no return until you've made kills and not ever been targetted, the first time you go down in a team fight will erase it.

I'm not sure what to do for an alternative on evelynn however; once agian I know it's accepted that she is useless, but I take a huge hit to AP which would give me an edge early on in an attempt to kill; a failed kill with evelynn means you are dead, because you rely on the health return of killing an enemy hero

I honestly would appreciate any suggestion on what I should do itemwise; I've seen a lot more losses on my profile since the change and my experimentations as yet have not compensated me. In honesty, losing most any component of the build I went for would have an equally strong affect (losing lichbanes proc would be horrendous), so I can't really follow the argument of "if everyone got it, it must be borked", sheen is always around.

I've tried rushing grasps, to provide the burst nuke, but unfortunately it doesn't trigger my stun from stealth, so I have to backstab first, reducing nuke damage to the minimum quite often; the other is to rush rod of ages for survival. I've tried going straight to sheens, but that still leaves me lacking an AP punch.

In team fights, I'm generally last to the fray, in an attempt to mop people up, but I'll burn through my man in an expeditious way. Now, if I compensate with mana boosters, I lose even more AP. It's a loss situation.

Soulstealer had a profound effect on Evelynn, and with tower ranges being increased and my having to focus on AP at the cost of armor and health, and no mana restore for staying in the party fights, it's a double whammy to a weak character with no buffs this patch =P

QQ Evelynn, but also, soulstealer really is ****.

but definately QQ ;3

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I play evelynn alot... And i have to say i go for it first ALL THE TIME. By mid game if my team didn't feed im usually at 20 stacks and 3 shotting even tanks. The nerf really wasn't a big deal, and i enjoy how it works now actually