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Will i automatically get banned for leaving?

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Smuggling A Yoyo



Your account is lvl 11 so I don't feel you are in any position to judge riot. And if you pull the "this is a smurf" account well let me just say between my ranked and normal matches I've at least played 1k games and never have I ended up banned because of my behavior. People wanna talk mess ignore them just don't be dumb and ignore your entire team. I don't understand why people seem to think being reported means they are going to end up in the tribunal. It has been stated multiple times that it requires a decent amount of reports to end up there

Why yes, this is a second account of mine, so that I can play with my brother that is just starting out the game. I feel the need to coach him on certain champs as I know how he plays games in general and what he likes and dislikes. 1k games? Grats I had over 4k ranked games alone in season 2 on my main account and ended sadly at 1432. I have seen people leave numerous times due to constant harassing. For you to tell someone to "deal with it" in a game on constant abuse is ludacris. No normal person would subject themselves to constant insults, bigotry, racism, etc etc and ever get punished for leaving the area. Think about what you are saying ... "Little Tommy left the recess area due to people constantly harassing him. Well better keep Tommy from being able to enjoy recess for a while to TEACH HIM A LESSON TO ACCEPT ABUSE." That's a TERRIBLE message to start conveying... hence why it's illegal to cyberbully. I'd rahter have Riot IP ban people that are getting banned for abuse.. but we all know that won't happen.