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Campain Mode

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I think there should be something new and exciting added to the game..

A mode were you don't have to have other ppl to play.. It can be a solo map with different lvls or difficulties or a 2 player team game.

Could have one lane with different waves of minions spawns that you have to face to make it to the end.

Should be a reward like a Title for getting so far in the levels on it. Points riot or Ip for getting certain achievments ..

I think this could be a really awesome + to add to the game.

And with different Levels you will have to build differently for each champ.. even if you select a ap champ some lvls you may have to build all tank just to survive.. its all about skill and learning to adjust to the different waves.. The farther you go the harder it gets.

I mean of course this is just a basic idea but let me know what you think and if you have anything you could add to make this even better.