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Looking for people to play with

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Hey everyone, I just recently got back into playing LoL so I am in bit rusty. I am level 30 but to get to level 30 I really only played one champing on, which was a huge mistake. I am looking for friendly people who are out to have a good time. I am decent and just love to play the game. I usually play about 4 nights a week while at work from 11p-6a MST. I realize this is late but it is when I can play.

I enjoy learning any role and champion. Right now I am playing a lot of Teemo (Support, Mid, or Top), Amumu (Jungle), Yi (Jungle, AD). I can also play Graves and Alistar, but they are by no means my strong point. I just started trying to learn Fiddlesticks today.

Like I said I am just looking to gain experience and play games with people that don't mind helping me learn and grow. I will do the same.

Just respond with your level and if you would be interested in playing together.