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Taric + runic bulwark = + 60 armor for allies

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Light Fantastic

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Taric's teamfights are weaker than a lot of other supports. He stuns and ults and then he's done.

I mean, compare Taric's ult with Sona's Q. Taric gives his allies 35 bonus AD/AP. Sona's Q gives +20 AD/AP on a spammable non-ult skill with a nuke component.

Taric provides +30 armour with his W. Sona provides a passive +15 armour/MR, and +35 armour/MR total to herself and the lowest health target for three seconds. That's +30/+70 total defensive stats.

Sona's heal provides 120 HP to herself and her target every 7 seconds for 80 mana. Taric's heal provides 440 (split between himself and his target) on a 16 second cooldown for 140. Sona heals for 34.3 HP per second at 3 HP per mana. Taric heals for 27.5 HP per second at 3.1 HP per mana (not counting the his ability to lower his heal cooldown with attacks because its value is hard to quantify, much like the armour/mr buff from Sona's heal).

Taric's stun is targeted and up more often. Sona's is AoE and wins teamfights.

tl;dr - if you're going to say "omg auras are OP on Taric" actually look at what you're getting. Sona offers comparable auras, better heals and an AoE stun.

The reason Taric is so much more reliable is that his stun is both targeted and on a short cooldown, and that he's beefy. Taric is therefore easy and forgiving to play. That's all there really is to it. He's really hard to kill, sure, but does that make him OP? Hell no.

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How is that fair?

Man in this meta of stack armor Taric is so useful! - No one ever