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Love Giving Losses to People That Deserve Them

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So I have a confession to make. I love to play on multiple accounts ranging from 1200-1400, because playing high elo is stressful, but more because there are truly great players in the 1200-1400 range that make great plays but have trouble getting out. I love watching these people make the plays.

But there are those games where people absolutely troll. I just played a game, not on this account but another, where 4 people called mid, picked mid heroes, and decided to play the chicken/dodge game which no one dodged.

That's fine. I go top with a lane partner and go 10-1-13 as an elise, and carried the game most of early/mid game while my team questionably feeds. So we have a great shot at winning, we had 2 base towers and 1 inhibitor down because of nice plays from me and from the team. But they kept on doing stupid stuff...
ie: "pushing a side lane by themselves when repeatedly to ask not to"
ie: "jungling wolves at 40 minutes into the game when we need to team fight"
ie "brb 2 minutes, cause of a phone..."

This kind of stuff just makes me want to quit carrying.