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Lucinda the dark mistress (Female ranged tank)

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Lucinda the dark mistress

Basic look:

- Dark clothed
- 2 whips (One in each hand)
- General evil/selfish feel to her


A ranged tank that has a displacement ult instead of the usual CC most tanks have. Strong at isolating targets and sustained CC throughout a prolonged fight. Should have terrible AA damage scaling to promote the use of Payback for damage


Passive - Vulnerability - Every AA on an enemy champion increases the duration of CC on them by 5% stacking up to 10 times. (Stacks last 5 seconds, Stacks disappear once CC is used at or after 5 stacks, if CC is used on the 10th stack it applies a 30% armor and magic resist debuff)

Basic idea: General tank suited passive lasting long enough to apply to 2 targets at once. Ranged makes it a lot easiler to apply then say the Darius passive. Very hard to build up to 10 stacks but provides good incentive.

Q - Payback - Lucinda uses both whips on a single target repetitively, dealing damage as long as the tether holds and dealing a small AoE damage + slow at the end. (Tether is AA range, cannot AA or use other spells while using payback, can move, can be interrupted, lasts for 5 seconds)

Basic idea: Jungling ability that isn't always a go to in fights because it would not build up any stacks of Vulnerability. Its similar to a channel style however you can move. Should scale poorly with stats, but have enough base damage per level to warrant leveling it up first.

W - Whipped - Ties enemy champion to the ground or to another champion with your whip creating a damaging tether. While tether is active enemy champions have 10% reduced movement speed and have 4 stacks of Vulnerability applied (Even if stacks are used). If tether does not break in 10 seconds, applies 10 stacks of Vulnerability. (Cast range is about Amumu ult sized, tether range about Hecarim ult sized, small DoT while tether lasts, 20 second cool down at all levels)

Basic idea: Used to spread apart two targets or move a target away from an area. The 4 stacks of Vulnerability is so you can AA each target once then activate Punishment. That way it would be a slow and obvious engage. Obviously a whip sound would be amazing when the ability is used.

E - Punishment - Lucinda cracks both whips loudly on the ground, stuns all nearby enemies for 1 second and deals small damage. However can only be used on enemies with 5 or more stacks of Vulnerability. (3 second cool down, Amumu ult ranged)

Basic idea: Provides good CC away from -- and sustained damage without using Payback, especially on Whipped targets that do not escape the tether.

R - I'm back! - Disappear then reappear in targeted location dealing damage and causing enemies in location to flee for 2 seconds. (1 second disappear and reappear time, Amumu ult cast range, Amumu ult effect area)

Basic idea: The engage, every tank needs one, however this is a displacement spell. Sound effect could be "I'm back!" when she reappears or if there is an awesome skin she could say "Why hello there.." like Dyrus does in his Vlogs for a bit of a throw back.


Single target CC - AA > W > E - Apply basic CC to 1 enemy until they break the tether.

Double target CC - AA (Target 1) > W > AA (Target 2) > E - Traps 2 targets until they break the tether.

Engaging teamfights - R > AA > AA > W > E - Flee's enemies, while fleeing you should be able to get off 1 AA then another shortly after they recover. Use tether on the 1 or 2 enemies you AA'ed and then a quick E to get the stun.


You get a strong displacement teamfighting champion that has to pick between dealing damage (Payback) or CC'ing targets for her allies. Would be advantageous to build CDR for the use of E and W to promote more damage. Would be advantageous to build HP/resists to ensure you can chase and CC desired targets. Building AS would also help with CC. Building AD wouldn't work because you would ideally be the one engaging teamfights so you would be the closest to the enemies from the start of the fight and you would not survive long enough while building damage.

My thread about displacement teamfighting: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=34042853#post34042853